Meet Sue Bond - A Jennifer Young Training School Graduate

Undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment is often the time when extra indulgence and pampering is required the most. However, the demoralising feeling that comes from being turned away is far too commonplace among our community. Therapists require specialist training in order to provide spa treatments that are suitable for anyone with a cancer diagnosis. 

It is our mission at Jennifer Young and Beauty Despite Cancer to connect therapists who have specialist oncology training with cancer patients who are in need of a space to relax.

Sue Bond is a recent graduate of The Jennifer Young Training School and is now qualified to offer oncology massage to her clients and to safely welcome cancer patents into her spa. Sue is the owner and sole therapist at Tranquil Tea House Therapies. 

Along with the Oncology Massage Course, Sue has completed the Jennifer Young Control of Cross Infection course giving her the skills required to maintain the highest hygiene standards. She aims to complete the Jennifer Young Oncology Facial Course in the future to widen the range of therapies she is able to offer to people affected by cancer.

Sue’s nursing background means she is not phased by any medical equipment that her clients may have with them. Alongside this her own personal experiences allow her to relate to some of the side-effects that her clients may be experiencing such as 'chemo brain', fatigue and need for a gentle touch massage.

Her salon is a small business that focusses on giving clients the opportunity to feel safe, relaxed, nurtured and cared for. The smaller nature of her business allows her to give each client lots of time and to tailor the treatment and experience to each client's individual needs. Her Tea House, located in her garden away from the interruptions of daily life, is an oasis of calm within your busy life.


The Tranquil Tea House can be found:

Southview Rd, 
Headley Down, 
GU35 8HY


Have you had any feedback since delivering oncology therapies?

Throughout her training with The Jennifer Young Training Course, Sue was able to provide her treatments to volunteer clients.  Overall, client feedback has been really positive:

With one lady commenting:

“I felt safe, in a calming atmosphere.”


Many of the clients told sue that:

“Oncology massage was just what they needed”


One woman even said that she wasn’t going to tell anyone else about Sue:

“I want to keep you all to myself.”


One lady in particular was tearful and overwhelmed following her treatment, saying:

“It is so nice to have a pampering, instead of feeling like a piece of meat.”


One client stated:

“I’m sure you’re going to be a big to help to lots of people, at a difficult time.”


Sue was pleased by all of the positive feedback, knowing that she was able to make a difference to people’s lives.

“I want to be the person they can come to when they’re life is falling apart.”


She wanted to provide a space for those affected by cancer to come and be treated. To bring a little bit of normality back into their lives and to just forget about everything else that is going on within their life. A space to relax and have some ‘me’ time.


What made you want to welcome cancer patients?

Hearing stories from people affected by cancer who had been turned away from spas due to their diagnosis pushed Sue to sign up for a Jennifer Young training course. She wanted to stop more people experiencing the demoralising feeling that may come from such experiences. 


What do you look for in oncology massage courses?

Well a Jennifer Young course!

Sue was impressed that the courses on offer covered everything from law to hygiene, fully equipping therapists with the tools and skills they need to provide high quality care to anyone affected by cancer.

Sue found every aspect of the course content to be important and relevant and she has been able to apply her knowledge into her own spa, welcoming clients affected by cancer and tailoring their experiences and treatments effectively.


Do you use Jennifer Young products within your treatments?

Sue uses a variety of Jennifer Young products within her salon collection.


“They smell absolutely amazing”
“They are all the things that I look for when I’m buying products.”
“They are the sort of products that I believe in”


Sue recommends the Jennifer Young products to everyone, due to them being all natural and lovely products. Her particular favourite is the smooth skin oil, she loves how nourishing it is for the skin.

You can find many more therapists, graduated from the Jennifer Young Training School and now able to offer tailored therapies to those effected by cancer via our Spa and Therapist Finder. 

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