Breast Cancer Care Package - Hydration, Hand and Nail Care


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Who knew that chemotherapy can cause damage to hands and nails?

The Jennifer Young specialist hand and nail  products were created with the help of an NHS cancer centre and some of the women in their care. It was there that we learned of the need to look after the hands and feet of those receiving treatment for breast cancer.

This gift has been curated to bring glamour to a tough time - Jennifer Young Natural Nail Polish and Defiant Beauty Nail Oil ensure that nails, often damaged as a side-effect of treatment for cancer, look their best. Hands can become dry, split and cracked, Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm was created to reduce these unpleasant side-effects of treatment for cancer.

Defiant Beauty Cool & Refresh is one of the more versatile products in the Jennifer Young Collections, it is used, primarily, as a cooling body spray (hormones and hospitals conspire against being cool) but can also be used along with the specialist hand and nail products to further hydrate dry hands.

Top Nail Tips – dark nail varnishes camouflage discoloured nail beds, sparkly nail varnishes distract from nail ridges, making them less obvious.

This cancer care set contains

Defiant Beauty Cool & Refresh 100ml 

Defiant Beauty Nail Oil 5ml 

Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm 50ml

Defiant Beauty Nail Varnish (colour options) 11g

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