What is Cancer? #BCAMandMe

There are many different types of cancer, no two experiences of it are the same, or definable with a single sentence.

Listen to patients discuss what the c word means to them.
“You’ve been assigned this mountain, to show others how it can be moved.”
“My cancer is known as a hamster. It was nice to talk about 'the hamster', rather than using 'the cancer.'”
“The first word I’d use to describe cancer is an inconvenience.”
“It opens the doors to embracing life, a bit more. I appreciate life more. I appreciate the people that I’m with more. I take each day as a bonus.”
“One thing I’ve learnt is that it’s a lot of things, to different people.”  
“I have been amazed at what I’ve learnt about cancer, since I’ve been in the community.”
“I’ve been amazed at how incredibly kind and generous people can be, when you have cancer.”
“Cancer to me is evil.”
“I can’t actually tell you what it is.”
“It is a very quiet, silent but deadly and serious thing.”
“You look at cancer very differently depending on your diagnosis.”
“I see it as a really annoying roommate.”
“Without it (Cancer) we wouldn’t have met”
“Cancer lives with me, I don’t live with cancer”
“In a weird way, it’s brought so much more clarity and drive to me that I never had before.”
“It changes your life”

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