31 days of 'what Breast Cancer Awareness Month means to me.' #BCAMandME



Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October


Breast Cancer Awareness Month is many things to many people.  Starting in America in 1985 its objective was to encouraging women to go for mammograms, aiding early detection.


It has grown into a global collaboration, raising billions for a variety of causes.


The aim of the month remains the same, to raise awareness of the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Since its beginnings in 1985, BCAM has evolved into a show of support for those living with and beyond breast cancer, acknowledging all who have been affected.


This October we share a variety of views.


We hear from those affected by breast cancer, friends diagnosed with other cancers, the charities who support them as well as the specialist healthcare professionals who become part of their world.


We meet the newly diagnosed, those who live with a secondary diagnosis and some folk for whom cancer is as in the past as it can be.  We might even have a sneaky peek at some of the businesses who have a pinkover for breast cancer awareness month.


We share a view each day and look forward to hearing from you too.


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