Success – they are in! Two of our daughters arrived safely in Hong Kong without having a visa for their onward visit to China. They applied locally, travelling direct to the agency from the airport, and had one issued within 24 hours. My lovely husband and I had spent a month trying and failing to get their bloomin’ visas and they got one in the blink of an eye. I feel that my work is done. No longer am I Chief Holiday Organiser, they are the experts. Having said that, as they can’t access google from China, I have been tasked with booking everything they need for a weekend away from their language school. It seems that a class of 30, 7 year old Chinese children isn’t quite as restful as our girls imagined. Things are progressing at their usual lightening pace in the UK. A lot can change in a week. I know I asked you to save 12 July, 12 July is soooo last week. Please save 30 August (and, I am promised, no further date changes will be made). I am not able to give too much detail but please come into Central London to say 'hey'. We are fortune enough to have been asked to collaborate with an enormous organisation supporting those living with and beyond cancer. We will run drop in advice sessions, workshops and mini treatments all day. I will be at the event along with some of the rest of the team. Eldest daughter may well join us as she should be back from her travels. The event will be suitable for therapists as well as those directly affected by cancer and their friends and families. Hope to see you there. Sending determined success Jennifer SAVE THE DATE – 30 August 2019 - CENTRAL LONDON – FREE EVENT TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON Oncology Massage London - 10th June 2019 Manchester - 24th June 2019 London - 29th July 2019 Manchester - 2nd September 2019 London - 10th September 2019 Leicester - 1st November 2019 Manchester - 21st November 2019 London - 2nd December 2019 Manchester 11th December 2019 Face & Body Treatments Manchester - 15th & 16th July 2019 London - 16th & 17th September 2019 London 25th - 26th November 2019 Reflexology London - 18th November 2019

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