A Juggling Stingray? Only at Jennifer Young

Hey all, Some of you may have spoken to me on many occasions already, so here is more about me. I’m Paige, the Office Manager here at Jennifer Young, it’s always difficult to describe my job when people ask but I manage the office, day to day running of dispatch, lab, training school and customer service. I speak to many of our clients daily and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. There is a lot more that goes on behind the scenes too such as invoices, payroll and numbers… yes numbers. I am the numbers girl in the office. Oooh and I love a good spreadsheet.

Outside of my Jennifer Young second home, I am a full time single mum to my two little boys, 7 and 5. ‘Handful’ doesn’t even come close to describing the two of them. I spend as much time as physically possible with them. Having recently moved house we are DIY experts. Our current project is vegetable patches, yes you heard that correct, at 25 I am planting vegetables. It doesn’t seem so impressive once I admit the only vegetables we currently have growing are potatoes and onions (strawberries too, obviously not a vegetable but they count as a success) however the boys are loving life reminding me how terrible I am for not watering them for 3 days in a row, every single week. Oh dear. Our lives are very busy, and it can be a handful juggling an office manager job, two boys, a house and a social life (I’ll be honest I don’t know what one of those is anymore). That is the hardest part of my job, not the job itself, but the juggling of life. Luckily I have a fabulous boss who is very accommodating. ‘Day off for sports day’ ‘no problem.’ Life is more important than work and that could not be any truer than at Jennifer Young. I love my job, I truly love it. There are so many parts on my job that I love; the spreadsheets, the responsibility, our clients. But most of all my colleagues; we have an amazing office atmosphere, always full of laugher and plenty of jokes flying around. I often get asked if I use our products, I genuinely do. I have quite a few of our products at home which I use as and when I need them. There are two products which I use religiously; the first is our Defiant Beauty Lip Balm. I have a million of them (but the boss has more); they are everywhere, I mean everywhere. The second product is our Hot Beauty Cleansing Oils (you can buy them on our amazon page) we have a range of cleansing oils and I love every single one, I use it every night to remove make up (I wear a lot) and it’s amazing, removes my waterproof mascara and even eyelash glue.

One of our favourite interview questions is – what animal would you be and why? When I had my first interview over 2 and a half years ago I said Dog, my life has changed dramatically since then and I am no longer a dog. I am a stingray; beautiful creatures, mesmerising to look at but have a deadly sting. They eat prawns, mussels and clams (I love seafood). Fun facts about Paige: I am half Portuguese, (almost) fluent speaker. I know the whole offices chippy order without having to ask. I will be starting a degree in January. Sending balls Paige (it's a good job I changed to stingray)

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