Do you have a purpose? A global project to change the world for cancer patients

Did I mention that I have been away? I went to the Global Wellness Summit in Singapore. Purpose was the focus of the summit. I thought I had purpose (I do have purpose) but I discovered that I should have a purpose statement and use it to guide every decision. Standard business wisdom requires a vision statement (what is your vision, your ultimate goal) and a mission statement (how are you going to achieve your vision). I hadn’t heard of purpose statements prior to attending the summit.

My fave example of a purpose statement is that of Dolf Van der Brink, he runs a beer company, a big one, his mission? ‘to be the Wuxia master* who saves the kingdom’ He has made some very brave decisions based on his desire to save the kingdom, along the way, he has saved the business too. I now have a purpose statement. It came to mind immediately and, whilst it hadn’t been written down, it has guided me as I find my way in the world of wellness. What is your purpose? How clearly are you guided by it? I’d be very interested to see your purpose statement – the best one will get a prize – please just tell me a bit about your business and then hit me with the purpose. Mine? I think it is obvious – ‘fighting injustice, making the invisible, visible’ It was wrong that cancer patients didn’t have specialist skincare, wrong that spas and therapists had to turn them away and wrong that women in menopause become the unseen. I wasn’t having any of that – it was the injustice that I was reacting to, it was the thing that drove me forward, all of the way to Singapore. Sending purpose Jennifer *I didn’t know either - he is a Kung Fu hero

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