24 hours, and so to bed, skincare for cancer patients in the Philippines

What time is it? Skincare for cancer patients is making me sleepy

Morning all, welcome to Singapore. I missed you when I was in The Philippines. It’s all happening in Asia. As you know, I was in The Philippines to meet with our distributor, and what a time I had. I can’t even begin to tell you all, heavily edited highlights, I met a lot of fabulous people, I went to the craziest house party I have ever been to, I placed dice like a local (was surprisingly successful), I went on a jeepney and, when one of the tyres exploded beneath me (I tried not to take it personally), I got on another. You have to google Jeepney Manila – you just have to. The jeepney journey was my proudest moment – strange but true.

Taking the plunge was a challenge but once on it, I discovered a whole world of enthusiastic support and co-operation. It’s a squash and a squeeze and everyone smiles. We sit in two rows with a narrow walkway in the middle, like an army jeep. No-one buys a ticket, there are no tickets, they shout their destination, and pass the money to the front, via fellow passengers, change returns the same way. I was blessed by a lot of help. Locals told me which jeepney, they told the driver where I wanted to go, calculated my bus fare (there is set fee per km), and told me when to get off. It was team work. Their kindness was touching. They thought I was mad. I was in a jeepney dilemma, I so wanted to get on the colourful dragster bus with ‘In God We Trust’ on a home painted wooden board across the front but I didn’t know how. I learned that people help if you ask them for help and that asking for help made me better. I don’t often ask, being the fiercely independent person that I am (I bet my lovely office team of whom I ask help at least 20 times a day, are rolling their eyes as they read).

I am upping my game, asking help from strangers is the way forward….. ……which is fortuitous as I am in Singapore for the Global Wellness Summit. There are a lot of strangers (to me) here and they are incredible. All esteemed leaders of hugely successful businesses and world changing organisations. I am not yet sure of the help I need, but, when I work it out, I am asking. Whilst here I am hosting a table at the experts lunch, we are talking hormones; how they affect my ingredients choices for our specialist skincare for cancer patients and for Hot Beauty, our skincare collection formulated for those experiencing the symptoms of menopause. Gotta go, 0630 yoga is part of this wellness summit, last night the pre-bed gong bath went on until 2300. I had to be awake at 0400 yesterday to get my early flight out of Manila. This wellness summit might just see me off. Sending sleep, lots and lots of sleep (yep, I am projecting)


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