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More About Buying Gifts for Cancer Patients

We hear from people who are concerned about buying gifts for someone who has been diagnosed and is going through, or about to start cancer treatment. All are well-meaning concerns – you don’t know what they will need, you have heard that flowers are bad for cancer patients, you don’t want to do/say the wrong thing or cause offence.

We are here to help. My first piece of advice is to relax, your friend is still your friend, your mum still your mum. A diagnosis doesn’t change that. The person who has received this devastating  news is still that person. You have a head start on gift buying. 

I can help by giving you a greater understanding of their likely needs. I have categorised my suggestions into concerns, with which we can provide support.

All of our gifts are beautifully presented, receiving is a loving and indulgent experience. Each parcel is wrapped to give the recipient joy and delight.  You can include a gift message (just use the space provided on each product page or the cart). We do not include a receipt or invoice with the package but we do send one to the person kindly buying the gift for another. Our despatch notification is sent to the buyer, making the gift a total surprise.


Low energy

Reported by up to 95% of those going through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other treatments for cancer, this is a biggy. You don’t have to spend money to give a gift that helps someone with low energy. You can offer a service, house cleaning, the school run, making food, walking the dog. When one has very limited energy levels, everything helps.


Recommended Gifts

Well Being Beauty Low Energy Chemo Care Package

Well Being Beauty - Spring Sunshine Bath Duo Collection


The Well Being Beauty Spring Sunshine Collection

The Well Being Beauty Spring Sunshine Collection was formulated one dark, miserable, cold winter with the hope of getting spring brightness into a bottle. My wish is that the Lemon and Lavender Essential Oils encourage positivity and lightness of mood. The formulation was first used in candles which were exclusively for our spa clients. Don’t tell them I said so, but they are hard to impress, all loved the bright, natural fragrance, so we had to bring it to you too.



Another often reported side-effect of chemo, nausea affects up to 75% of patients. 


Recommended Gifts

Well Being Beauty Nausea Care Collection

Breast Cancer Care Package - Anti-Nausea

Well Being Beauty Vitality Diffuser


The Well-Being Beauty Vitality Collection is formulated using a blend of Black Pepper, Cardamom, Lime, Spearmint, Lavender, Peppermint, Benzoin, Ginger, oils known for their ability to calm the digestive system.

Studies have found ginger to be effective in calming nausea, during chemo, after chemotherapy and post-operatively. These studies used ginger taken orally, using a well-defined type and dosage (these are clinical trials). 

I am not suggesting that a topically applied body oil or a bath oil has the same proven effect. I just hope to demonstrate that I have formulated an essential oil blend, used in the Well-Being Beauty Vitality Collections, with the intention of reducing nausea and have used research to inform the essential oil choice.

If you prefer the food form of ginger and peppermint, we can help with that too.



Hair loss is often rated as one of the most common, feared, and traumatic aspects of chemotherapy. 

Some patients have treatment for cancer and do not lose their hair. I do not recommend sending a Defiant Beauty Scalp Care Collection to someone who has not lost hair, however, if they have and are open about having done so, send them a Defiant Beauty Scalp Care Collection and they will love you forever. 


Recommended Gift Sets

Chemo Care Package Hair Loss

Cool Scalp Care Package


If you want more than functional scalp care products, indulge in a Cool Scalp Care Collection. The soft cotton headwear and the silk pillowcase are game changers.

The Hair Loss Chemo Care Package also includes soft cotton headwear (the seams are not next to the scalp, thus avoiding irritation). This collection has a little bit of love thrown in. 


Poor Sleep

There are many reasons why someone affected by cancer may not sleep so well.  You won’t need me to go through them all. The Well-Being Beauty Collections were created with the intention of addressing some of the concerns which can result in a lack of sleep.


Recommended Gift Sets

The Well Being Beauty Indulgent Sleep Care Collection 

Be Sleepy and Warm

Be Sleepy Bath Collection

Miniature Sleepy Collection


Poor Sleep

I formulated some Well Being Beauty Collections using essential oils known to be beneficial against many of the concerns causing poor sleep. You can read more about The Well Being Beauty Collections. There follows some edited highlights.

I am a biologist and a lawyer (as well as product creator). It is important to me to be transparent about the sources of my information – the references are available on request to help you to decide if these products can help.

There are nine therapeutic Well Being Beauty Collections, each was formulated to address a concern, these are the Collections relevant to improving sleep. The jewel in the crown of the Well Being Collections formulated to improve sleep is the Sleep Ritual Collection. These luxurious products are formulated using Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Mandarin.

The Calming Collection uses lime and bergamot to encourage tranquillity

Patchouli and Ylang Ylang in the The Confidence Collection aim to help you to embrace self-confidence.

The Holistic Wellness products encourage emotional balance, bringing together Lime and Black Pepper

Peace is promoted by Mandarin and Frankincense in the Serenity Collection.


Each collection contains

  • A Moisturising Shea Mousse
  • A Bath Oil
  • A Body Oil
  • A Diffuser
  • A Foot Soak




Skin can become dry, sore, flaking and sensitive as a result of treatment for cancer. The Defiant Beauty Collection was formulated with the help of an NHS cancer centre to address these, often extreme, conditions.


Recommended Gifts

Defiant Beauty – The Ultimate Indulgence 

This collection includes everything needed to get one through treatment (it includes The Defiant Beauty Scalp Care Collection) with some extra treats to be used when needed. 

Defiant Beauty – The Luxury Collection

This collection includes 5 products for face, 5 for body and 3 for scalp.

Defiant Beauty Luxury Face Collection 

Contains the 5 core products required to give a facial (these 5 products are used during our Jennifer Young Facials in spa).

Defiant Beauty Body Collection 

The basics needed for body care.


A little bit of everything

These gift sets cover more than one concern and are our favourites

The Essentials Chemo Care Package

Breast Cancer Care Package - Hydration, Hand and Nail Care

Defiant Beauty Breast Cancer Body Care Package

Cashmere and Merino Bed Socks

The Vegan Cancer Care Collection



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