Cool Scalp Care Package

Sleep Cap:
The Tights Head Wrap:

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This is the perfect gift for anyone experiencing hair loss as a side-effect of treatment for cancer.

Set includes:

Defiant Beauty Dry Scalp Treatment - 50g

Defiant Beauty Scalp Cleansing Spritz - 100ml

Defiant Beauty Scalp Care Oil - 15ml

Defiant Beauty Exfoloiating Sponge x 1

Soft Cotton Sleep Cap x1

Daytime Headwear x1

Silk Pillow Case x1

Hot Chocolate Bombe with Marshallows

Typically, scalps can become hot, tight, sore and many scalps are prone to breakouts. All these symptoms can be exacerbated under a head covering too. Our Scalp Care Kit helps to combat these symptoms by providing natural skincare products that are kind to dry, itchy, sensitive skin and leave your scalp feeling clean, moisturised, cool and refreshed.

We know that patients suffer with skin-related side effects of chemotherapy and this gift set contains products often bought by well-wishers as a gift which can be used on dry, sensitive skin.

All our Jennifer Young skincare and beauty products are all natural, made without any synthetic chemicals, and are cruelty free. We take time to blend and formulate our specialist products so that they are suitable for those who have indications of the skin or very sensitive skin.

Top Tip:

Use as part of your daily skincare routine and the scalp spritz whenever you are feeling hot and bothered.

Soft Cotton Sleep Cap

This sleep cap provides warmth and comfort. It is designed so that the seams are not next to the skin, thus avoiding irritation.

Daytime Headwear

This stylist soft cotton headwear, is versatile, allowing you to feel safe and secure whilst looking gorgeous . It is designed so that the seams are not next to the skin, thus avoiding irritation.

Silk Pillow Case

50 x 75cm

Hot Chocolate Bombe with Marshmallows

  • 100% Belgian Milk Chocolate
  • Mini marshmallows inside


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