What is a skincare routine? Step 6 Moisturise

Cleanse, tone, treat and moisturise-finally, week 4, step 4, moisturise. The final stage of your skincare routine (unless we count an eye serum). Moisturiser is our most popular product. Everyone understands moisturiser and even if women have nothing else in their bathroom cabinet, moisturiser is bound to be there. The Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Balm is the perfect moisturiser, as in rejuvenates your skin, leaving it feeling noticeably smoother and softer. Alternatively, the Jennifer Young team of consultants can help you to create a bespoke moisturiser, or two, both matched exactly to your needs and preferences, one for day and one for night. Or, you can use our online questionnaire to tell is all about your skin and we will create your perfect moisturiser. Our clients love the fact that their moisturiser will contain the ingredients that they have chosen and be creamy and light. We take orders for unique products for all kinds of conditions, preferences and objectives. A client might have combination skin, want her moisturiser to have anti-aging properties and contain the oils tea tree, lemon and lavender as she often suffers breakouts and spots. The combination of ingredients and conditions is endless and the lovely ladies in the lab and the fab team of consultants are used to being challenged -everyone loves it and all want it. Not many women need convincing of the benefits of moisturiser but, just in case, here are 10 reasons to use moisturiser as the last part of your four step skin care routine.
  1. Moisturiser is light compared to serum, which is incredibly concentrated. Moisturiser provides a final light coat of moisture
  2. Moisturiser can provide whatever benefits you need – the ingredients are chosen by you for their physical and therapeutic properties
  3. Many clients prefer the ‘feel’ of moisturiser, having used a cream for years
  4. The Jennfer Young bespoke moisturisers smells divine. Clients chose the essential oils to be included and they love the smell. Wearing the cream is like having your own bespoke perfume, but only you can smell it as the fragrance is so subtle
  5. Your skin looks healthy after an application of the Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Balm. Many clients tell us stories of how others have started complimenting them of their skin for the first time ever in their lives soon after they start using Defiant Beauty skincare.
  6. Our moisturiser is made from high quality organic vegetable and essential oils and is very good value for money.
  7. The moisturiser is massaged into the face. Massage is incredibly beneficial and is known to reduce signs of aging.
  8. No self-respecting salon would provide a facial that did not include the use of a moisturiser. You can use your bespoke products and have a home facial that is just as effective as a salon facial, if not more so as your products have been matched to your skin and your preferences
  9. A moisturiser can help to lessen the impact of modern day life.
  10. The Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Balm is pure indulgent luxuries.
If you have any specific questions about moisturiser, anti-aging, product formulation or skincare routines, please follow Jennifer Young on Twitter @jenniferksin and tweet your questions. *If you are in treatment for cancer, ask your medical team for advice before having a massage. Application of a moisturiser is not, as far as we know, contraindicated during treatment, so feel free to apply moisturiser.

By Jennifer Young

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