Mummy's Star – supporting mothers diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy

Mummy's Star is the only charity in the UK and Ireland dedicated to supporting women and their families where the mother is diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy or within 12 months after giving birth. 

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The team behind Mummy's Star

Mummy’s Star is managed by a staff team of six on a day-to-day basis and is overseen by our board of trustees and medical advisors, all of whom have first-hand experience of this situation.  


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What they do to support cancer patients 

Supporting individuals through and beyond cancer during pregnancy and early motherhood, the charity’s goals are to help provide relief from sickness and improve wellbeing for cancer patients and their families. They do this where:

  • The mother has received a diagnosis of cancer during her pregnancy (which is defined from being one week pregnant up to and including delivery, or if the pregnancy ends naturally or medically).
  • Where the mother receives a diagnosis of cancer at any time postnatally up to the youngest child turning 12 months old
  • And where a mother loses her life to cancer following a diagnosis during pregnancy.

The help they offer is personal and wide reaching, ranging from financial assistance to practical advice. They provide advice on cancer diagnosis in pregnancy including links to localised services, advocate for families (for example at hospital appointments, benefit entitlements, and regarding employment rights) and provide emergency small grants for families where needed. They also provide peer support and, in the event that the patient passes away, they continue to help both the surviving partner and the children, through widowers’ networks and counselling. 

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