Black Women Rising

Dedicated cancer support for BAME cancer patients, Black Women Rising was created to tell the stories of people of colour with cancer, support them on their journey and dispel myths and injustices surrounding cancer within the BAME community. 


The team behind Black Women Rising

The Black Women Rising cancer support project was set up in 2017 by award-winning community champion Leanne Pero after she struggled with the aftermath of her own battle with breast cancer at just 30 years old. She is supported by a dedicated team creating a growing network of opportunities for cancer patients across the UK.


What they do to support cancer patients

Through her research on her own cancer journey, Pero found that the experiences of the BAME community not represented. Equally, unhelpful myths and taboos had ultimately stopped people from speaking out about their ordeals, leading to a lack of awareness and education within BAME households around cancer, its signs and symptoms with devastating consequences.

She therefore created the registered charity, The Leanne Pero Foundation, which dedicates awareness and support projects to cancer in the BAME community. Its first project was Black Women Rising Cancer support, which has created initiatives that have included the UK’s first all-Black cancer portrait exhibition that has toured London’s Southbank, The Oxo Tower and is due to exhibit at the Tate Gallery in 2021.

However, the heart of the project lies in its monthly peer to peer support groups. It has also run many pamper events for women of colour and had members featured in many cancer awareness brand campaigns. It also has a popular weekly podcast which tells stories of their inspirational women. Meanwhile, The Black Men Rising podcast launched in October 2020 with a 12 part series.



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