The Defiant Beauty Collection

What is the Defiant Beauty Range?

Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young is a skincare and beauty collection created specifically for those going through treatment for cancer. The skincare collections were created with the help of patients at an NHS cancer centre, women who had been through treatment and their nursing teams.

How do Defiant Beauty products look after you?

The Defiant Beauty Face & Body Collection contains all of the products needed to look after your face, hand, foot, nails, and body. Here is a table which can help you decide which product could be right for your skin.

Which products are included?

Defiant Beauty Face Collection

Defiant Beauty Body Collection

Defiant Beauty Scalp Collection

The Defiant Beauty Collections include products to help with scalp care. If your scalp is undercover most of the time, bacteria can grow in the humid conditions between you and your wig. Use Defiant Beauty Scalp Cleanse & Moisturise or Defiant Beauty Dry Scalp Treatment to cleanse and hydrate your scalp. If you have an itchy or tight scalp use any of the following products to soothe your skin.

What is in our Defiant Beauty Products?

The Defiant Beauty collections 

  • Are natural
  • Are made from organic ingredients where possible
  • Contain very few ingredients in order to minimise the chance of a reaction
  • Contain soothing, calming, moisturising ingredients

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