The Beyond Beauty Collection

What is the Beyond Beauty Range?

Just as in the Defiant Beauty range, the ingredients in the Beyond Beauty Collections have been chosen with the side-effects of treatment for cancer in mind. In addition, we aim to promote regeneration and rejuvenation. 

Beyond Beauty can be used after treatment when your skin is less sensitive. Beyond Beauty can also help those actively in treatment who are experiencing fewer skin related side effects.

How do Beyond Beauty products look after you?

The Beyond Beauty Products are face collections only – a morning and a night collection.

Both the Defiant Beauty Collections and the Beyond Beauty Collections address the concerns of both patients and nurses in the original product development team.

What products are included?

Beyond Beauty Morning Collection

Beyond Beauty Night Collection

What is in our Beyond Beauty Products?

The collections are created from vegetable oils, butters, and essential oils. There are no other ingredients, just oils and butters*.

 The ingredients used and their benefits follow.




*All information is fully referenced in our therapist training materials

The Beyond Beauty Collections contain more complex essential oil blends than the Defiant Beauty Collections as they have been formulated for the more robust sensitive skin. The collections smell divine. The essential oil blends have been created giving full consideration to the therapeutic qualities of the oils. We have also considered the common conditions experienced by those living beyond cancer. The energetic qualities of the oils and the chemistry have been taken into account.

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