Louisa: We're just going to breathe together #BCAMandMe

Anxieties mean that many of us experience interrupted sleep. This gives feelings of fatigue and low moods which, in turn, make it trickier to sleep well the following night.


Louisa, from BreatheBalanceBe.com shares a combination of effective wellbeing techniques for deep sleep.

Her deep breathing activity shows you how to draw your attention back to your body, giving yourself space to soothe and calm your nervous system.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are told to check our breasts, check in with our bodies, to check for any physical abnormalities, to know our normal.

Why not take this month to ensure we are also checking in with ourselves? Making time to pause, wind down and de-stress can be the antidote to struggles with sleep, leading to less fatigue, anxiety and exhaustion.

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