Carly: Please, Please check your boobs #BCAMandMe

Carly Moosah is a breast cancer advocate and blogger. Having experienced breast cancer herself, Carly has written blog posts on the topic of "picking up the pieces" and life after cancer treatment. Find Carly's message for this Breast Cancer Awareness Month below:

"Breast cancer awareness month is a time for thrivers, brands & charities to come together to spread awareness, raise much needed funds for research and to collectively use our voices to implement positive change for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer. 31 women are still dying every day from secondary breast cancer. So much more is needed, but the 31 days in October give us a bit more of a chance to have our voices heard and drive the message home to keep checking your boobs and pecs regularly, know your normal, advocate for your health and push for answers. Breast cancer does not discriminate. Education is needed and this month is a chance for us to shout that bit louder. Please, please check your boobs."

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