Leah explains the importance of frequent self care during and after treatment

Leah is a 33 year old mother and blogger from Liverpool. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2019, at the age of 32.


Lying in bed one day I happened to brush past my breast and much to my horror I felt a huge lump residing just underneath my nipple area. Instantly my stomach sank, I knew there and then that it was something bad. I felt it in my gut. I went to my GP who assured me it was more than likely fibroadenoma (a benign breast tumour). I was then referred to the beast clinic. They too thought it was fibroadenoma but took a precautionary biopsy as I was over 30.


To my horror they revealed to me that I had breast cancer. Triple negative breast cancer. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I was completely floored. I managed to pull myself together and felt instantly calm. They explained to me that I was going to need treatment including fertility treatment, chemotherapy, surgery and then 3 weeks of radiation.


It was a devastating shock to say the least. There was a number of things I made sure of, so that I could have the best possible experience given the circumstances. 
As well as looking after myself health-wise, I also did a lot of self-care during that time. Looking after your skin and taking care of the side effects of treatment is important. You are going through so much and it is important that you feel as good in yourself as you can. 


I was introduced to Jennifer young products during my journey. Since then, I have said time again that they are hands down the best products I have ever used on my skin. The products feel so special - you can tell that they have been made with much thought, consideration, and with buckets of love. I believe that they are something that everyone should experience during treatment. 

The monthly cancer care packages are so amazing. To have them delivered each month is just fantastic and one less thing to worry about. I find that it is quite exciting and something to look forward to. It is like treating yourself to a box full of goodness at a time when you need it the most.


Leah has written several articles for Beauty Despite Cancer, sharing her experience and offering helpful advice. Past blog posts include advice about chemotherapy hair loss and use of the cold cap, loneliness during cancer treatment and how it feels to be one year cancer free.


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