We have created a limited edition Hero product to celebrate the Heroes of the past 12 months. A true skincare ‘Hero in the form of a multi-purpose natural moisturising and soothing balm, Hero was designed to encourage the sharing of uplifting stories of love, care and friendship, at a time when we need it the most. 
Everyone has been hit hard by the impact of coronavirus, and cancer patients in particular. Therefore, we partnered up with Hero bloggers and organisations, to encourage people to nominate the Heroes who deserve recognition, appreciation and to win a Hero hamper, including the limited edition Hero balm for luxury relaxation.

From your nominations, we have created an online scrapbook of lockdown, carer, patient and therapist Heroes...


About Hero Balm

Hero is a luxury part of everyday skincare. Serving a variety of functions, the balm can be applied to areas of concern including the scalp, face, body, hands, nails and feet. Containing shea butter, sweet almond oil, calendula oil and vitamin E as well as lime, bergamot, cardamom and black pepper essential oils, it is fresh smelling and easy to use. Simply warm a small amount between your fingertips before applying as required.  

Your nominated Heroes

@bethadlersmith was nominated for:

“Her work preparing therapists for salons reopening post lockdown”


Jo Taylor from @metupuk was nominated for:

“Continuing to advocate for others and support them whilst managing her own health challenges. What a woman.”


Future Dreams was nominated for:

“The support they give to breast cancer patients.”


Zoe Hunter Anjali Gupta was nominated for:

“Always being free for a virtual catch up”


Bev Evanson was nominated because:

“She has worked the whole way through the pandemic in a very busy pharmacy and also provided constant care to my Nan who is also very poorly. She is like super woman and always puts others before herself.”


The Federation of Holistic Therapists was nominated for:

“Keeping the spirits and hope of the spa industry and therapists during the pandemic.”






Shameema Begum nominator said:

“You are my hero. You are a amazing carer. I nominate you as you have gone above and beyond for the venerable. After a very challenging year you still smile every time I see you."


Arshad’s family said:

“I would like to nominate Arshad he’s always there for me and children. He’s loving and caring .. our hero.”


@nadinelrosenthal was nominated for:

“Always checking in on me and supporting me how every she can!! #bestie"


@mrs__rosey was nominated for:

“Being an amazing big sister and also being there to support me through my diagnosis!”


@jambondon was nominated for:

“Always supporting me and being the best bestie ever."


@shaymc03 was nominated for: 

“20+ years of friendship. Always putting everyone else first and being the sweetest person ever!!”


@big_sarahc was nominated for:

“All the support and being the best bestie ever”


@pepes_mama_1 was nominated for:

“Being one of the strongest, inspirational people I know… you got this Em.”


@pepps23 was nominated for:

“Always being there for support and a chat!”


@yellow.kettle was nominated for:

“Keeping chatting (and blogging) through lockdown.”


@dianeleopard was nominated for:

“Generously hosting one of our webinars”


@zoerosehunter @abbieedorwardd @talia_brady_ were nominated for:

“Constant laughter, support and good times during lockdown & plenty of Bridget Jones”


@carly83louisehorton was nominated for:

“[being] a fighter and been strong through all this covid shit! but still remained strong positive and the bestie I know and love.”



Introducing our Hero Bloggers

Penny is 48 and was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of lockdown 2020. Since discovering Jennifer Young products during her treatment, Penny has openly discussed her experience of cancer and reviewed skincare on her instagram (@yellow.kettle), to support the cancer community.

Read more about Penny here. 

Since first speaking to Laura over a year ago, she has become a valued member of the Jennifer Young team.
She has shared stories about her experience living with cancer and offered tips to help others, such as how she dealt with the appearance-related side effects on our blog, as well as through videos on her instagram page (@blessedwithcancer).

Read more about Laura here.
John is the very latest wonderful member to join our cancer blogging community. Since his diagnosis with prostate cancer, he has been sharing the male perspective of cancer and the recipes he enjoyed during treatment.
Read more about John here

Introducing our Hero Organisations

Spabreaks.com (@spabreeaks)

FHT (@internationaltherapistmag)





“Everyone has worked so hard over the last 12 months in so many different ways – from members of the NHS to friends and loved ones who have provided counsel on the other end of the phone when a hug was out of reach. Our product is called ‘hero’ because it’s a single item that can be a saving grace for lots of skincare areas and issues – it’s there when you need it – so we wanted to celebrate it by thanking the people who have been heroic to their friends, families, clients, colleagues and loved ones.” 


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