What just happened? Networks of wellness

What just happened? It seems like every 5 minutes we are discovering some new and catastrophic news. I need to reset.

Here are some things we do know

  • We are therapists
  • We help people
  • We are good at supporting folk who need us
  • There are some very vulnerable people who are about to be isolated
  • We can help
  • JY trained therapists are masters of control of cross infection

Here are some things that I plan to do

We are a large group of motivated, talented, capable and informed individuals.

Watch this space, I have some planning and chatting to do, as soon as I need your help, I will be asking for it.

May I suggest that we all concentrate on the things we do know, it feels better than focussing on the unknown, uncertain and unpredictable.

Sending enormous love


All planned courses will be delivered online with full face to face refresher as soon as we are able to welcome you to a training centre.

Oncology Massage:
LONDON – 23rd March 2020
LONDON – 20th April 2020
MANCHESTER – 19th May 2020

Face and Body Treatments:
LONDON – 11th + 12th May 2020

Rejuvenating and Lifting Facial:
MANCHESTER – 29th April 2020

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