God Bless America.

I am fortunate to have spent nearly a week in the USA. I am unfortunate in having been ill whilst I am here. In a car crash of timing I developed an eye infection the day before I left our shores. I spent most of January venturing no further than the office, seen by very few; as soon as I enter the ‘public phase of January’ I begin to look as though I have been in a boxing match with someone much more motivated and competent than I.

Bloomin typical.

I might have lost the boxing match but I wasn’t about to give in to infection. I used ice to reduce the swelling and arnica cream (which did help). I hoped for the best. I went to the docs when my fever started, half of my face was swollen and my eye was mostly closed.

Let’s think about this for a moment, I needed medical attention and I am in the US.

Medical care was easy to find, accessible and quick. It cost me $160 to have a consult (with a very lovely doc) and to receive two lots of antibiotics (one oral, one topical).  Luckily they took credit card payment – no $, no treatment, no exceptions.

Imagine if one was really sick – since my experience I’ve heard about conditions where the meds alone cost $10 000 a month, others who run out of insurance; treatment is suspended as a result. I realise I have a tendency to bang on about it but I Love the NHS.

God Bless the NHS

Sending care


Oncology Massage
Manchester – 10th February 2020
London  – 18th February 2020
Manchester – 9th March 2020
London  – 23rd March 2020
Manchester – 14st  April 2020
London  – 20th April 2020
Manchester – 19th May 2020
London  – 26th May 2020

Face & Body Treatments
London –  3rd – Tuesday 4th February 2020
Manchester –  24th – Tuesday 25th February 2020
London –  11th – 12th May 2020


Photo by: Jennifer Young, USA, 2020

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