24 hours, and so to bed, skincare for cancer patients in the Philippines

24 hours – the length of time it has taken me to travel to Manila (door to door, the flights were about 15h in total) I came via Manchester (very glam) and Hong Kong (really quite glam).

All I can say is that it was well worth the effort. I have been here for not even a day and I could go home happy.

I am here to meet with our distributors in The Philippines. We have spoken and emailed but never met. I am working in Singapore from Monday. I thought I’d pop over and say ‘hey’. I have had a blast – interesting meetings with lovely people, Filipino food, markets, Starbucks, chatting, laughing and learning. I am beyond blessed. I feel right at home here, a good job as I can’t face the return 24 hours yet.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – my big girl passed her driving test. The timing is fortuitous. Lovely husband is sunning himself in South Africa (yeah, yeah, working, not sunning), We are a man down. We take our drivers where we can get them.

Thanks for your concern regarding our dog – she is fully recovered after having had surgery to remove a stone, in reality, more of a garden ornament, that was blocking her digestives. Her bounce is back, I bet our dog sitters are delighted. I am.

Sending good timing


Oncology Massage

Manchester – 13th January 2020
London  – 27th January 2020
Manchester – 10th February 2020
London  – 18th February 2020
Manchester – 9th March 2020
London  – 23rd March 2020
Manchester – 1st  April 2020
London  – 20th April 2020
Manchester – 19th May 2020
London  – 26th May 2020

Face & Body Treatments

London –  3rd – Tuesday 4th February 2020
Manchester –  24th – Tuesday 25th February 2020
London –  11th – 12th May 2020

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