Coco Mylk 55% Cacao Chocolate


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  • 55% Ecuadorian cacao solids
  • Added live cultures
  • Creamed coconut
  • Organic
  • Fair trade

A nutrient rich alternative to the classic chocolate bar, Ombar uses a delicious combination of creamed coconut, Ecuadorian cacao solids and billions of added live cultures for a flavourful snack. Organic and Fair Trade, there’s no refined sugar and it’s vegan friendly. It’s all the good things in one little package.

Top tip:

For the days when you want something sweet, but you don’t fancy refined sugars.


Simply tuck in and enjoy!


Unroasted Cacao*, Coconut Sugar*, Creamed Coconut* (20%), Cocoa Butter*, Vanilla Extract*, Live Culture: Lactobacillus Acidophilus

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