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  • Looks after fragile nails
  • Restore life to discoloured nail beds
  • Cover flaky or rigid nails
  • Gentle application for sensitive nails

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Defiant Beauty Nail Varnishes Glamorous and long lasting 10 free nail polishes created to disguise some of the nail related side effects of treatment for cancer. Nails can become ridged, fragile, and flaky and are sometimes lost because of chemotherapy. We have created this collection with these specific side effects in mind.

The Jennifer Young Nail Collections contain as many natural ingredients as possible and use minerals to provide the high pigmentation needed to cover and disguise nail damage.

Top Tip:

Dark polish can cover the discoloured nail beds often experienced during chemotherapy.


Apply a small dab of nail varnish at the base of the nail and gently pull polish down the nail.

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