Poor Sleep From Cancer Treatment: Your Questions Answered

More About Poor Sleep

There are many reasons why those affected by cancer find sleep elusive, if you have found your way here you probably don’t need me to tell you about discomfort, anxiety, hormones and worry.

I am much happier talking about solutions than I am problems, so here we go. I make no promises, I give you information so that you can make the decision best for you.

I formulated some Well Being Beauty Collections using essential oils known to be beneficial against many of the concerns causing poor sleep. You can read more about The Well Being Beauty Collections. There follows some edited highlights.

I am a biologist and a lawyer (as well as product creator). It is important to me to be transparent about the sources of my information – the references are available on request to help you to decide if these products can help.

There are nine therapeutic Well Being Beauty Collections, each was formulated to address a concern, these are the Collections relevant to improving sleep. The jewel in the crown of the Well Being Collections formulated to improve sleep is the Sleep Ritual Collection. These luxurious products are formulated using Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Mandarin.

The Calming Collection uses lime and bergamot to encourage tranquillity

Patchouli and Ylang Ylang in the The Confidence Collection aim to help you to embrace self-confidence.

The Holistic Wellness products encourage emotional balance, bringing together Lime and Black Pepper

Peace is promoted by Mandarin and Frankincense in the Serenity Collection.


Each collection contains

  • A Moisturising Shea Mousse
  • A Bath Oil
  • A Body Oil
  • A Diffuser
  • A Foot Soak


The Well Being Beauty Foot Soaks

The Well Being Beauty Foot Soaks contain Epsom Salts and a therapeutic essential oil blend.

Magnesium Sulphate, Epsom Salt, is absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is a mineral associated with

  • a reduction in swelling
  • pain relief
  • muscle relaxation
  • improved circulation
  • tendon relaxation


The Well Being Collection Blends

The Jennifer Young Well Being Essential Oil Blends contains essential oils chosen for their therapeutic benefits with regard to some of the underlying causes as well as their ability to induce sleep. 

Frankincense, and, Mandarin are known to have therapeutic properties for many of the challenges faced by cancer patients. For example, lowering stress levels, promoting better sleep, reducing hot flushes.

One study found a significant difference in the reduction of blood pressure (home and walking) and improvement of sleep quality between two groups. One group were massaged with oils prescribed by an aroma therapist, the other was massaged with oil containing artificial fragrance. The group exposed to essential oils had reduced blood pressure and improved sleep.


Sleep Hygiene

Sleep Hygiene is a way of describing routine, many of us parents know of the importance of a bedtime routine for our babies but we forget about ourselves.

I suggest you

  • Choose a bedtime and stick to it
  • set an alarm
  • Keep away from the TV/phone/screens for an hour before bed
  • If you can enjoy a bath before bed, please do (I put Magnesium salts in mine)
  • Read before turning the light out
  • Don’t go to sleep after a heavy meal but please don’t go to bed hungry
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Practice breathing if you awake in the night



There are many types of discomfort, nausea, headaches, a sore scalp and itchy skin are often mentioned to me by those going through treatment for cancer.

The Well Being Beauty Vitality Collection is formulated using Cardamom and Ginger to reduce feelings of nausea. The Lavender and Eucalyptus in the Well Being Beauty Mental Clarity products are associated with a reduction in headaches.

Itchy Skin was the first issue that the ladies in my local NHS cancer centre asked me to help with. Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil has been one of our most popular products ever since it was created in 2013.

We can also help to reduce the discomfort associated with a sore scalp.