How to help skin recover from chemotherapy

In our last article we discussed the impact of active chemotherapy on the skin and how you can help care for your skin during that time. Once cancer treatment finishes however, you can take things up a notch, helping skin to proactively recover and adding a few more luxury ingredients into the mix as well.

Skincare ingredients after cancer treatment

During active cancer treatment, particularly chemotherapy, skin can become extremely (and cumulatively) sensitive. For that reason, it's best to opt for gentle, natural skincare products with a minimum number of ingredients. For example, in our Defiant Beauty collection, formulated for use during active cancer treatment, we don't include any fragrances or essential oils, in case they cause irritation.

The time during cancer treatment is very much about soothing the skin from the common side effects of chemotherapy, but also nourishing it so that it can recover well once treatment finishes. Once treatment has stopped, and you are either in remission or living with cancer, you can introduce a broader range of ingredients which can make skincare more luxurious. Products can also focus on proactive skin recovery, restoring your natural youthfulness and glow. That's the purpose of our Beyond Beauty collection.

Here are some of the key ways in which you can help skin recover from chemotherapy.

For gently cleansing sensitive skin
Beyond Beauty Morning Mask



Wash, don't scrub skin after chemotherapy

After chemotherapy skin can remain sensitive for a while. Typically, side effects will dissipate after about 28 days, but some people find that skin remains sensitive for longer. Beyond that, while we're often taught that cleansing needs to be an intense part of our skincare routine - it doesn't. You can have a very effective cleansing product whilst still being gentle. Even if you find skin is dry or flakey, opt for a gentle, moisturising cleanser after chemo and avoid scrubs for a while. Our Beyond Beauty Morning Mask is just the ticket.

To revive sensitive skin
Beyond Beauty Morning Treatment

Moisturise your skin regularly

Skin can really suffer during chemotherapy because of the nature of fast-growing skin cells getting caught in the chemo crossfire on their way to address cancer cells. While most skin irritations will subside, it can take up to six months. Dry, sore skin is one of the most common side effects of cancer treatment, particularly chemotherapy. To help it on its way, moisturise regularly, using products that can be easily absorbed by the skin. We recommend natural oils and balms, which can penetrate the skin and don't contain any filler content like preservatives - just packed full of all the good stuff.
To gently remove make-up
Beyond Beauty Night Face Mask

Use a mild, low-pH cleanser

Most cleansers are highly alkaline, which can leave skin feeling tight and stripped of its oils. That might seem like the point of cleansing, but it's not really, especially if skin is already feeling itchy, tight and sensitive after cancer treatment. A low-pH cleanser/product is at a level closer to skin's natural pH and will work more effectively with your skin to help cell turnover gently. As a result, they're more likely to help restore the skin, encouraging it to be bright and smooth rather than angry and flakey. In particular, skin is affected by things like synthetic preservatives - which we don't use as we don't add water to our balms and oils, so there's no need.

Restores youthful skin
Beyond Beauty Night Treatment

Hydrate skin regularly after chemotherapy

Dry skin can also sometimes be hot and angry. After chemo, some women might also find they suffer from hot flushes due to the impact on hormones, depending on the treatment they have had. Hydrating the skin works in multiple ways - what we eat, what we drink and what we put on our skin. Adding a hydrating spritz into your routine is a gentle way to tone after cleansing, but it can also be used throughout the day to help cool and hydrate the skin, or simply help you freshen up whenever you feel like it. The key is not simply to use water, but spritzes with rejuvenating properties as well. For example, our Beyond Beauty Frankincense Facial Mist contains anti-aging frankincense.

Hydrates skin instantly
Beyond Beauty Frankincense Facial Mist

Protect your skin from the sun post chemo

Protecting skin from the sun is always a good idea, but a higher degree of sun sensitivity/photosensitivity can last for two months or more after chemotherapy stops. Adding a dermatologist recommended high factor sunscreen into your routine, especially on sunny days will help to protect and restore your skin. It's also a good idea to opt for long sleeves and trousers in the summer sun, wearing natural fabrics like cotton to protect from the heat as well as direct sunlight.
Protect your skin
Moisturising Sunscreen SPF50

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