Scalp care routine

Scalps need love – Many of you tell me that you don’t want to look at your scalp but you will feel the benefit of giving it some attention. Many scalps are prone to breakouts and can become itchy, sore and tight. It gets hot under head coverings. You can avoid these conditions by following a scalp care routine. Typically, scalps can become hot, tight and sore. Caring for your scalp will improve its condition. If you need to cool down when you are out and about, find somewhere private to use a cooling spritz
Scalp Care Routine
Cleanse Use a natural cleansing balm to clean your scalp. It is undercover most of the time and bacteria can grow in the humid conditions between you and your wig. Gently exfoliate Use a hot cotton cloth or an exfoliating sponge to remove the balm. Dry skin cells will be removed along with the balm. Exfoliating your scalp can reduce itchiness. Tone Have a quick spritz at hand to cool the area and then leave to dry. Moisturise If your scalp has been getting tight, apply a small amount of soothing oil and allow it to be absorbed before replacing your wig. If your scalp is sore and itchy, we recommend Soothing Skin Oil, for a more luxurious feel either use some Defiant Beauty Serum or Defiant Beauty Smooth Skin Oil. If you prefer a balm to an oil, Smooth Skin Balm is perfect to sooth and moisturise a sore, tight scalp.

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