I haven’t slept properly in 24 years

Tracy Barlow, mum of two and therapist at Spa attended one of the Jennifer Young Therapist training courses at Ragdale Hall, and discovered first-hand the positive effect the Jennifer Young Oncology Massage had on her long-standing sleep problem.

Knowing that many people affected by cancer have difficulty sleeping, Tracy will be whole-heartedly recommending this massage, based on the tremendous benefit she's had from it. Here is Tracy's story:

“I have been a therapist at Ragdale for 12 months and had met Jennifer at an introductory session about 6 months ago. After my introduction to the Jennifer Young products and services I was desperate to complete the full training. I signed up for the Post Graduate Diploma run at Ragdale Hall as soon as I could. "As part of our accredited training we have to demonstrate our ability to give a massage, facial and hand, nail and foot treatment using the Jennifer Young Skincare Collections, Defiant Beauty and Beyond Beauty. Even better, we all have to receive treatments as well. We learn in a training room where the therapy beds are in a row and all of the therapists and tutors are in the same room. Therapists are used to this way of learning; it isn’t as relaxing as a treatment is in the spa therapy rooms but it is still wonderful to have a massage at work. I really enjoyed my massage; it was very relaxing despite the communal surroundings. We get taught about how and why to use repetitive light touch on clients affected by cancer. It was lovely to watch the Jennifer Young Massage Routine but I had no idea it would have such a powerful impact on me when I received it. Prior to my Jennifer Young ‘oncology’ massage, I have not had an unbroken night's sleep in 24 years. Interrupted sleep is normal for me. I have tried everything and have seen a lot of doctors. I have a bedtime routine, I try to have a calming two hours before bed, but I can rarely manage six hours sleep. I know if I go to bed at 1am, I can sleep until 6am but I am sometimes shattered after work and I am ready for bed at 9pm. I can get to sleep but will be awake again at midnight. I will sleep again but fitfully, waking every couple of hours until I get up for work at about 5.30 or 6am. I felt tired after my Jennifer Young oncology massage and went to bed at 8.45pm. I could NOT believe it when I was woken up by my alarm at 6am the next morning. I was still in a deep sleep and I could, very happily have gone back to sleep if I didn’t have to go to day 2 of my training."

"I can’t wait to have a Jennifer Young Sleep Ritual Massage – I can see why Jennifer recommends that clients are collected after a sleep ritual massage and taken straight home to bed.”

By Tracy Barlow

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