Spotlight on Defiant Beauty Nail Oil

Nails can become damaged as a side effect of chemotherapy. This happens when chemotherapy drugs targeted at unhealthy cancer cells also attack healthy cells in your nails, causing them to become weak and brittle. We all love doing different things with our nails, whether that’s growing them out, cutting them short or glamming them up before an occasion, and we want to keep them looking lovely even after chemotherapy treatments. As Defiant Beauty Nail Oil does not contain any essential oils its fragrance-free formula  will help keep your nails looking healthy and nourished.

What does it do?

Nail oil will gently moisturise your nails including the nail bed and cuticles by nourishing the skin around the nail bed and the nail itself and restoring some healthy growth. Nails that have been weakened by cancer treatments can become loose and infected needing to be hydrated and protected by a nail oil which can help to prevent bacteria and irritants from gathering around your nails. Some experts even recommend using a nail hydrating oil at least four times a day to deal with issues such as brittle nails.

How does it help?

Defiant Beauty Nail Oil is formulated especially for nails as they undergo and recover from chemotherapy treatment. By providing your nails with a layer of protection and nourishment you should begin to see a positive reduction in nail damage and significant improvement in nail condition. Macadamia oil is a lightweight oil that is full of fatty acids that are very moisturising, and have anti-inflammatory properties. The linoleic acid in the oil helps to restore the skin’s barrier function and reduce water loss which is great for tackling dry and flaky nails. 

How and when to use it?

You will never need to use too much nail oil on your nails, a little drop can go a long way. You can either place a drop in the palm of your hand while you use your fingers to apply some of the oil to each nail or you can apply to a cotton cloth and gently wipe along your nails. Whichever way you apply it, you will need to use your fingers to massage the oil into your nail and cuticle, focusing on each nail for a few seconds. During chemotherapy we recommend that you use a nail oil at least three times a day from the start of your treatment. You can follow up with a Defiant Beauty Nail Mask which is a thicker balm that coats the nail to hydrate the nail even deeper, if you feel like your nails need a little extra support.

What our customers say?

People love using Defiant Beauty Nail Oil, and we’re so happy that many of you are seeing great results. So happy in fact, that we have to share some of the positivity:

“Wow, wow and wow!!! You are probably thinking not another gushing review, but I always speak the truth. This product is amazing. I thought it was just coincidental, my nails instantly felt firmer, but I bought the product for my mum and she said the exact same. Since my cancer, hydro and instant menopause my nails are awful, they split and break, sometimes even get chalky and crumbly. I have been using the oil for only a few days but already have results, they haven't peeled or crumbled and have actually grown!!! Normally it takes weeks to get any growth when my nails are bad. I have taken pics of my nails before and will post one after a week, it is amazing xxx”

- Jo Holmes - Sheffield (Nail Oil)

Another lovely comment about our Nail Oil helping to bring life back to nails that have been damaged by cancer treatments:

“I have only used the Nail Oil three times so far, but my fingers and toenails are already looking wonderful. I lost all my fingernails (they fell off in matching pairs - bizarre or what?) due to chemo and my GP couldn't prescribe a treatment because of health risks. I thought I was just going to have live with the fungal infection. But the change in appearance is fantastic. As everyone knows, these minor improvements are so important and mean the world as we struggle on. Thank you, Jennifer.

-Sue G – (Nail Oil)

“Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product. I gave a nail oil to my friend as a gift and she loved it.”

- Sam – (Nail Oil)


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