Toners – The unsung hero of a skincare routine

Cleanse, tone, treat and moisturise - that’s always my advice when asked about the best skincare routine. We know that you are all unique and we believe that you should all have unique products but when it comes to routine - we always say the same thing, well nearly always. Toners – we call them a Spritz, are lovely but they are an unsung hero of a skincare routine. As using a toner is often neglected – here are 10 reasons to tone (after having used a cleanser)

1 Your skin excretes oils and gathers dirt from the day - you should use a cleanser to remove this and then a toner to refresh your skin afterwards

2 A build up of oil and dirt can block pores, spritz with a toner and a quick wipe away with a tissue can lessen the build up, consider it a mini-cleanse

3 Blocked pores can result in spots and breakouts - using a toner to remove any residue of cleanser and as a mini-cleanse during the day can keep skin spot free

4 A cleansing balm can moisturise as well as cleanse so there’s often no need for an additional products - many of the Jennifer Young team are cleansing balm converts. The only other product we recommend after using a cleansing balm? A toner. A quick spray with a toner after the balm means that your skin has received oil and ‘water’ - everything it needs to look it’s best

5 Your skin is an organ of detoxification – wipe away the toxins that your skin is working hard to get rid of, it’s that mini-cleanse again 6 Jennifer Young toners are made from high quality organic floral waters and make a refreshing spritz for face and body.

Wonderful on a hot day

7 Toners have the same properties as the ingredients chosen for the other products, and we have some wonderful ingredients. We advise a quick spray and wipe away after cleansing and then a more indulgent spray to be left to dry on the face. The floral waters are divine and shouldn’t be wasted by wiping them away.

8 All salon facials include the use of a toner. Give yourself the salon treatment

9 Toners can aid the removal of make-up – some make-ups are really difficult to get off, you need all the help you can get.

10 Toners hydrate the skin You are missing out if you haven’t yet included toners in your skincare routine. Remember, the ingredients we use in our toners have therapeutic properties. As ever, if you have any questions, please ask.

By Jennifer Young

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