Nobody mention menopause and treatment for cancer

When I developed skincare for cancer patients and accredited training in oncology massage I honestly thought I was dealing with the last taboo. I was wrong. Nobody mention menopause. I work closely with many a spa to help them to welcome those affected by cancer. Menopause conversations are much more challenging – I am yet to find a UK spa happy to serve the 1 billion women predicted to be in menopause by 2020. 1 billion women is 12% of the global population (United Nations Research). Admittedly I haven’t been trying too hard as my focus is always with those affected by cancer but, nevertheless, the conversation does not flow. Not being one to avoid difficult subjects, I am working with the Global Wellness Institute to lead an Hormonal Wellness Initiative. The project is very new, the core team are in place and I am interviewing more candidates. We have high hopes for progress, both in identifying the symptoms of menopause and linking them to specific hormone decline but also in looking at effective wellness solutions and examining the evidence to support their effectiveness. All are welcome to contribute and I will be inviting you all to complete a research questionnaire (when I have written it; don’t hold your breath). In the meantime, progress updates will be published on my ‘other’ website www.Beautyand (BAM) along with more information, wellness and lifestyle suggestions etc. Please let Aklima know if you would like to write for BAM – we need all of the help we can get. Sending warmest wishes (geddit?) Jennifer Oncology Massage Manchester - 10th February 2020 London - 18th February 2020 London - 20th April 2020 Manchester - 19th May 2020 Face & Body Treatments Manchester - 24th - Tuesday 25th February 2020 London - 11th - 12th May 2020

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