Laura's Makeup Routine during Chemotherapy: The Eyelash Illusion

Some of you may know Laura from her Instagram @thatmumwithcancer, or from her previous Beauty Despite Cancer blog post 'Bald Eyes', where she talks about how it felt to lose her eyelashes. 

Laura's relationship with hair loss became more complex than she ever imagined. It was the loss of her body hair and eyelashes that affected her most. She couldn't wear falsh lashes due to allergies and she had disastrous encounters with eyeliner when trying to give her face some familiar definition. In the end she devised a way of using eye shadow to make herself feel comfortable and confident.

Recently Laura filmed a Makeup video on her Instagram account explaining how she used to do her makeup during chemotherapy. The full tutorial can be seen below. Underneath this we have also highlighted her key advice.


"After my morning cleanse I used the Beyond Beauty Morning Mask. I then used the Defiant Beauty Serum before starting with the Mineral Foundation in shade cool beige. I used Mineral Blusher in shade Apple Orchard. Eyeshadows used on right eye why were Sand and Burnt Brown to create definition. On my left eye I used Caramel, Rose Gold and Storm Grey. Organic Lip Gloss in shade Pretty Pink. For my eyebrows I used the brow wax and Light Brown."

During chemo, although Laura knew that her makeup would make her feel good, it felt like such a process to apply. Therefore, her makeup habits have really changed. 

Laura starts by blending in Cool Beige Mineral Foundation. She advises when applying powder to start of small and then "blend, blend blend". Next she applies Apple Orchard blush to emphasise her cheekbones.

When she had no eyelashes, for a casual, daytime look Laura would brighten up her eyes by using a light shade of eyeshadow such as Sand, brushing underneath the eye, as well as on the lid. She devised this technique solely as something for herself, so that she could like her reflection, look in the mirror and think "that wasn't a waste of time".

After brightening her eyes with the shade Sand, Laura applied Burnt Brown along the edge of her eyelid where her eyelashes would be. She also applied along her waterline, lightly underneath the eye.

On her other eye, Laura demonstrates how she uses darker colours to create an evening look. She uses the eyeshadow shade Caramel to create a base on her eyelid and blends to create a smoky eye. Then she lightens it with the shade Rose Gold on her eyelid and along the lash line. Laura blends again along the waterline before dabbing the Sand shade in the inner corner of the eye to brighten further. 

To create the definition, she applies Storm Grey eyeshadow along the lash line and water line. She advises not to worry too much - the power of powder is that you can blend it out! This is how she creates the illusion of eyelashes, without the application of mascara.

Before applying Pretty Pink Lip Gloss, Laura uses Defiant Beauty Lip Balm to soften the lips. The lip gloss is applied from dragging the applicator upwards from the outside corners of the mouth. 

To finish off the look, eyebrow wax and Light Brown powder is applied with a brush to her brows.

How gorgeous is the end result?! Beautiful! 

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