Womb Cancer Support UK – supporting women across the UK

Based on Isle of Bute off west coast of Scotland, but serving the whole of the UK, this small voluntary not for profit organisation supports women who have been diagnosed with womb cancer. It also helps to raise much needed awareness of the most common gynaecological cancer and the fourth most common cancer in women in UK.


The team behind Womb Cancer Support UK

Founded in 2011 by womb cancer survivor Kaz Molloy, she runs Womb Cancer Support UK from her home and works closely with other organisations to drive support, research and initiatives.

For example, she partners with the One Team One Goal worldwide coalition building campaign to unite gynaecological oncology practice and advocacy groups. The organisation is also a member of Cancer52 a group of more than 80 organisations, and the Scottish Government Cross Party Group on Cancer – to name a few.


What they do to support cancer patients

Working with women who are newly diagnosed, currently undergoing treatment or are in remission, Womb Cancer Support UK provides a community to connect with, offering support, advice and information to women who have been diagnosed with womb cancer.

They also work hard to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of womb cancer so that women can be aware of the risks and know what to look out for. Kaz is driven by her personal experiences with womb cancer, looking to support women across the UK and help provide them with the information and support they need at all stages of their cancer journey.




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