Your Skincare Routine

How to help your skin as you go through treatment for cancer.

  • Cleanse and exfoliate
  • Tone
  • Moisturise
  • Look after your eyes

Skincare for Cancer Patients

There is a lot of talk about skincare routines, and we read endless beauty advice in glossy magazines ands women’s magazines. Your skin has changed as a result of your treatment for cancer. It can be difficult to discover what is best for your skin when you react to the products that you used to use. You have so much going on, you shouldn’t have to deal with skin problems; we can help you to look after your dry, sore, sensitive, itchy skin. Skincare does not have to feel like it is a medical procedure. Beauty has come back to your bathroom.

Cleanse And Exfoliate


Every stage of a skincare routine is important, but cleansing is the one that is often neglected. Defiant Beauty Cleansing Balm has been created for cancer patients to use as they go through treatment for cancer. ‘Chemo skin’ needs some looking after. This balm does more than cleanse. We suggest that you use it as a cleanser and a moisturising facemask.

Directions for use

Apply a small amount of the cleanser to your face and leave for a few minutes.

Keep Hydrated


We are often asked about the difference between moisturising and hydration, and many wonder how to keep skin hydrated. Defiant Beauty Hydrating Facial Mist is our answer to those questions. The mist is so much more than a toner. It provides hydration externally and smells divine.

Directions for use

Spray onto the face after using your exfoliating sponge to remove your cleansing balm. Do not wipe the spritz away; allow it to dry. By this stage your face should be feeling fabulous! Your skin should be soft from the cleansing balm, smooth from the use of the exfoliating sponge and hydrated as a result of spraying the hydrating facial mist. This might be enough for your skin. If it’s not, it may well be soon. You may be surprised by the change in your skin as you use the Defiant Beauty Collections – we always are!

If you still need more, read on .....

Beauty Serum

This is the ‘must have’ for most of our clients. The serum, a facial oil, was created at the request of some cancer patients as they felt that treatment for cancer had ravaged them and made them look older than their years. The Beauty Serum was formulated using natural and organic ingredients associated with anti aging. The facial oil is a facial treatment in a bottle.

Directions for use

Apply a small amount to the fingertips and apply to the face in upward strokes.

Intensive Serum

This Intensive Serum is another must have – we all have problem areas that need extra attention - be they dark spots and circles or, dare we say, wrinkles.

Directions for use

Apply one drop to the tip of the ring finger and apply to problem areas.


You will find that this skincare routine provides an excellent base for your cosmetics. By Jennifer Young

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