Why use skin balms instead of creams?

You might have noticed that on Beauty Despite Cancer we talk a lot more about balms than creams and lotions. The reason is because of our focus on efficacy and natural ingredients. Here we wanted to give you a bit more information on the benefits of skin balms and how to use them to get the best results.


Maximising on natural ingredients

Where creams are made using water, which means they contain less of the rich beneficial ingredients that nourish your skin, balms are 100% hard working ingredients - there’s no filler component - at least at Jennifer Young. Water also requires products to contain an emulsifier so that the component oils don’t separate out, and its presence means preservatives are needed as well. The net result is that creams tend to be less natural in their overall composition.

We like to keep our skincare products as simple and gentle as possible. The reason for that is that we strongly believe in using high quality ingredients for the best results, and we’re big believers in mother nature on that count. We also want to minimise the chances of a reaction to skincare products - something that’s much more likely when you’re going through cancer treatment.

We use ingredients that are extra gentle (to date no one we know of has had a poor reaction). By keeping the number of ingredients low, it limits the opportunity for any reaction - we don’t want to waste good product space with an emulsifier.

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Skincare benefits of using balms

Skin balms are especially rich and nourishing, great for very dry and sore skin or for areas that sometimes need extra attention like feet and elbows. They work to protect the skin, with lots of beautiful ingredients to be absorbed, making them highly effective for deep moisturising as well as being very soothing.

How to use skin balms

Using skin balms is a little different to using creams and lotions. You will notice that our pots aren’t enormous, but they do go a long way. You can try a multi-purpose balm like our Smooth Skin Balm, or a dedicated product like our Defiant Beauty Mild Mint Foot Balm.

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Balms as a treatment

For an intense treatment on areas that are in need of extra care, apply a layer to the skin and give it time to sink in. Then gently remove it with a warm, damp exfoliating sponge and pat dry. Our Morning Mask and Night Mask are both excellent as a treatment, as is our Nail Mask, which is particularly good for nails that have become brittle through chemotherapy.

Balms as a routine moisturiser

Balms can be used as a regular moisturiser too, as part of a regular cleansing, toning and moisturising routine. You only need a small amount. Let it warm in your hands for a moment before applying to your skin and allow it to sink in before applying any make-up. You can even add a little to a serum for a supercharged skincare routine. Our Sandalwood & Neroli Moisturiser is a firm favourite.

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Balms as a cleanser

Balms can also be used as an extra gentle cleanser. They are particularly good at removing make-up. For example, our Defiant Beauty Cleanse & Moisturise balm acts as a cleanser, a moisturiser, and a face mask all in one. You don’t need to apply an additional moisturiser afterwards, unless you feel you need it. As with a treatment, apply it across your face, leave it for a moment (maybe while you clean your teeth), then remove it with a warm, damp cloth. Finish with a refreshing spritz if the mood strikes you.

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