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Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the UK. Most women that are diagnosed with breast cancer are over the age of 50, although it can also occur in younger women and in men. Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are common ways of treating breast cancer.

There are some cases in which mastectomy surgery may be recommended as the best treatment. This is a form of breast cancer surgery where the breast is removed. When cancer is in a large area of the breast, has spread throughout the breast, or where there is a high risk of secondary breast cancer, or the breast is full of pre-cancerous cells, a mastectomy may be recommended.

Although this surgery is life-saving and valuable, the physical and emotional effect on a patient may take some adjusting to. After a mastectomy, most patients are able to go home the following day. However, many experience soreness or stiffness, and sometimes drainage tubes may be required for a couple of days to  stop fluid building up in the breast space. Typically, a full recovery from mastectomy takes up to six weeks. Normally the wound itself will heal in two to three weeks and a doctor should advise as to when normal activities may be resumed. Your doctor may also give you some light exercises to do at home to help with recovery.

Sometimes patients feel that a little extra support is needed during this transition. This is where Cancer Research UK’s online shop comes in handy. Using real patient feedback, they’ve handpicked a range of helpful little things to make people going through cancer feel like themselves again. They know everybody’s journey through cancer is different and so are their symptoms

Meet Sunny. Sunny is the Buyer for Cancer Research UK's Online shop. She works with a talented E-commerce team to provide a service to cancer patients and help people to shop with a difference. All profits from the online shop goes towards further research.


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“As cliché as this may sound, I have found a job that I truly believe in. I sadly lost my best friend to breast cancer in 2017 so, as you can imagine, this resonates greatly with me. Charlotte has forever been my motivation. On the days where things feel impossible, I scroll through my phone for affirmations she used to send me, encouraging me to pursue a career in helping others with my talent and the love I’d shown to her throughout her cancer journey. I really did land my dream role. I feel incredibly privileged to speak directly to patients and gain insights from those directly affected by Cancer. This really does help keep the supporter at the heart of everything we do.” – Sunny


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Cancer Research UK’s online shop showcases a wide range of thoughtful and unique collections to help make life more comfortable for those undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment. Below we have listed some of the products suitable for those undergoing a mastectomy.


Many cancer patients struggle with sleep; however, sleep can be particularly evasive when sore from surgery. A Post Surgery Comfort Cushion may help. Cancer Research offer an exclusive heart-shaped pillow tailored for post mastectomy and lumpectomy surgery. It is specifically designed to offer comfort and protection under the arm and breast area. The satin ribbon may be adjusted and tied over the shoulder, so that you can lean on the pillow for support when resting. To aid sleep further, Cancer Research UK also offers an exclusive Jennifer Young Well Being Beauty Sleep Miniatures Gift Box.

A Post Surgery Seatbelt Protector is another accessory to help with everyday comfort. A cushioned, quilted protector for the chest and breast area can ease discomfort during your daily routine.

Finding a good bra can be challenging at the best of times, let alone after breast cancer surgery. Cancer Research offer a range of bras suitable for post-surgery, designed with comfort in mind. Their Seam-free padded bras provides an even, smooth silhouette, to hide any differences in breast shape or size with the seam free, padded cups. Their Front Fastening Post Surgery Bamboo Bra is highly adjustable in case of swelling and compression control. It also allows for any reduced arm mobility which may be experienced after surgery.

Jennifer has been working closely with Cancer Research UK for over 2 years. We have worked on a multitude of activities; Sunny’s personal favourite was the instore community event last summer where influencers, bloggers and charity friends attended the Marylebone Cancer Research store. Sunny was only a few months into her role at the time:

“I remember thinking how amazing it is to be a part of such a positive culture where contributions are appreciated. This type of collaboration is brilliant. It is wonderful to create a space where people can come to speak about their experiences whilst getting a manicure from a Jennifer Young trained oncology therapist. It helps us to continue learning and to provide products to support cancer patients. We can’t wait to work on future events with Jennifer Young again.

It helps that both Jennifer and I share the same vision and have such a thirst for knowledge. We are excited to continue our journey. The side effects of cancer treatment can be very distressing at a time when people are already going through enough. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause dry skin, brittle nails, skin pigmentation and itching –just to name a few. Having experienced this first-hand whilst helping my friend through her treatment plan, I remember wishing there was a place I could go to buy her all the products she might need to help make her feel more comfortable. Through a whole host of products, including Jennifer Young skincare, this is what we have created at the Cancer Research online shop.”

During October 2020, all purchases from the Cancer Research UK shop will include a free Jennifer Young Lip Balm. All profits go towards further cancer research.

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