Acupressure points and their benefits during cancer treatment

Cancer treatment can have a lot of different side effects, and while doctors aim to help through medication, there are also natural therapeutic products and techniques that can support cancer patients by soothing and easing some of the side effects of treatments like chemotherapy. Acupressure is a gentle but effective way to support the mind and body, helping with specific issues as well as more general anxiety or mood changes resulting from a cancer diagnosis. Here’s how.

Common side effects of cancer treatment

Amongst the common side effects of cancer treatment are:

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At Beauty Despite Cancer we seek to address these through the products that we create, combining aromatherapy and natural skincare ingredients that gently nourish the skin. For example, our Well Being Beauty Body Oils have been formulated to address the cancer treatment side effects with nine dedicated oils targeting the common issues mentioned above.

We also train spa therapists to offer treatments that are tailored to supporting anyone on their cancer journey, and many of our spa treatments use acupressure. However, whether you visit a trained therapist or want to explore wellness at home, acupressure and understanding acupressure points is a gentle way to support self-care. It can also work in tandem with products like our Well Being Beauty Body Oils.

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What is acupressure?

Acupressure uses manual pressure to stimulate specific points on the body, resulting in a corresponding effect elsewhere. It stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine and looks at the flow of energy in the body. The goal is to encourage movement of 'qi' (life energy) through 14 pathways in the body, known as meridians. With that in mind, we use acupressure in our spa treatments to address specific areas of concern like nausea or headaches.

Acupressure during cancer treatment

Research has shown that acupressure can help to minimise pain and some treatment side effects in cancer patients. There are multiple studies into acupressure, as well as other massage based therapies for cancer patients, showing both short- and long-term benefits. For example, a study reported by the National Institutes for Health (NIH) found that in a test group of 100 cancer patients treated with acupressure for chemotherapy-induced vomiting, 68% found symptoms to be reduced after treatment.

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