Spotlight on Defiant Beauty Cleanse & Moisturise

Getting stuff onto your face sometimes seems a lot easier than getting stuff off of it.

Cleansing can feel like a chore when it’s 10pm on a Wednesday and you’re scrubbing away traces of the day, especially if you’re experiencing sensitive skin. When impurities gather on your face, they can often irritate your skin, causing itchiness and general dryness. Opting for a gentle cleanser such as a balm or an oil can make this process a whole lot smoother on your skin, so try to ditch the harsh cleansing wipes and exfoliating scrubs. As much as it is a task for many, cleansing every day can be vital to keeping your skin healthy and vibrant.

The Beauty Despite Cancer team meet lots of ladies and on the whole, we find that cleansing is the most often ignored part of a routine, if there is one. As cleansing is ignored – here are 10 reasons to cleanse

  1. Your skin excretes oils and gathers dirt from the day
  2. A build-up of oil and dirt can block pores
  3. Blocked pores can result in spots and breakouts
  4. A cleansing balm can moisturise as well as cleanse so there’s often no need for an additional product
  5. Your skin is an organ of detoxification –wipe away the toxins that your skin is working hard to get rid of
  6. Massage can brighten the face and reduce signs of aging (have you tried the fabulous anti-aging facial massages?). Using a cleanser can be like a mini massage for the face
  7. Cleansers have some wonderful ingredients that are beneficial for your skin
  8. Cleansing is so important that good salon facials include a double cleanse –that’s right – two applications of cleanser
  9. Make-up removal is critical. Cosmetics glue themselves to your skin –you want it to have staying power. That’s fine for during the day but your skin will look better if it has some time without make-up and cleansing is the way to remove it
  10. Cleansers moisturise the skin in a way no facial wash can

Are you convinced yet? If not, why not??!! Your choice of cleanser should be as carefully considered as your choice of night cream and serum. Not all cleansers are the same. Many of the detergent-based cleansers (facial washes and foams) are harsh and can dry the skin. We always advise against their use and suggest you opt for a gentle balm or cleansing lotion, such as the Defiant Beauty Cleansing Balm. Those with oily skin often feel that a cleansing balm will add to their problems but, often, the opposite is true.

We want the best for your skin, so when we created the Defiant Beauty Cleanse and Moisturise Balm, we made sure to keep it simple yet very effective (our Defiant Beauty community agree!). If you need some more convincing, here’s what Paul from Warwickshire had to say:

“I really like the Defiant Beauty Cleanse & Moisturise Balm; my skin is much softer already and I have not even needed to use any moisturiser yet! In fact, it stayed soft all day.”

Because it’s a super purposeful balm, you can use to cleanse from head to toe without worrying about extra chemicals or ingredients that simply don’t need to be there.

But you will never know until you try it for yourself. Here is our quick guide to getting the most out of your cleansing routine.

For simple cleansing you will want to warm some of the balm in your palms and gently apply to your face in light sweeping motions as you don’t want to tug or pull at your skin unnecessarily. You won’t need any readymade wipes. Use water. Water is gentle on the skin. Slightly damp a cotton cloth or cotton wool to wipe away any excess.

Does it really work on sore skin? Yes, we think so!

Don’t take our words for it, take Sabinne Brennan’s lovely words about her husband’s skin:

“I received this for my husband’s sore and red skin around his chin and nose a month ago and within the first week, you saw it going down and now no dermatologist is needed as the appointment is due this Saturday but his skin is so smooth.”

There is no judgement here, but the number of folks that don’t have a skincare routine amazes us. We all ‘do’ skincare and so for us, the cleanse, tone, treat and moisturise is one of the highlights of the day – sad but true.

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