Mineral Make Up

Our aim is to help you Recognise Yourself as you go through your treatment for cancer. With the help of experts we have developed a high-end cosmetics range for cancer patients, free from disruptive ingredients without compromising on our performance criteria.
We were frequently asked to create a natural mineral make-up collection suitable for cancer patients. We like a challenge and the collection is here. The range was challenging for many reasons, not least, we were not prepared to compromise either our ingredient philosophy or performance criteria. It was our aim to produce a cosmetics range that does not contain plant oestrogens, heavy metals or other such toxins or hormone disruptors (to name but a few of the usual suspects). Having investigated the natural market prior to creating our own range (believe me, if there had been anything already on the market that we could have recommended to clients we would have done so) we knew that performance was a key factor. Cancer patients are often pale and drawn, without eyelashes or eyebrows and it is possible that their hair will be hidden beneath a head scarf. We needed to be able to add a glow and colour as well as ‘eyebrows’ and eyelashes that once in place were not going to fade through the day or melt in the heat (I write during an exceptionally hot summer and have been observing make-up melt down far too often). Our experience with the naturals was that the staying power was an issue, as was the whole method of application and resultant appearance. Those asking for a Defiant Beauty Cosmetics Collection were not the women that, prior to diagnosis, had been experimenting with naturals. These ladies were used to high-end highly functional make-up. They wanted the same from us but with natural ingredients suited to their condition and newly sensitive skin. Parabens and prostaglandins are out, jojoba oil and natural colours are in. The cosmetics collection allows women who are going through treatment for cancer to recognise themselves without being concerned about ingredients or reliability. We have a small collection for the main eye colours and skin tones and have included products that hide the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes.

The products that are included in the first capsule collections are:

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