Is uncertainty unsettling? Want to offer some support?

I remember a time when I was very unhappy about uncertainty. I recall almost wanting to choose a negative outcome just for the certainty.

At least then, I would be able to start to deal with whatever the bad thing (that may never happen) was. We all enjoy a degree of control don’t we? What now? Is this total and complete lack of control liberating? I am guessing that we are all feeling differently about it. We don’t know what our lives will be like when we leave our homes and re-join society. Typically, I am relaxed about it all – past experience has shown me that whatever happens, happens. I am delighted to have all of my girls and my lovely husband in residence, things could be a lot worse. I am philosophical by nature as I have learned from past catastrophes. Bad things can be helpful. I remember hearing a priest saying for all that God is light, He is found lurking in some very dark places, waiting to help.

Whatever your preference, God, the universe, fate….you can probably relate. Today, I had an email from a gorgeous life coach friend telling me that she had run a virtual session ‘how to be your own life coach’. The workshop she was due to lead, for a cancer charity, was cancelled (for obvious reasons). My yoga teacher is offering online sessions and as we know, our free control of cross infection virtual training will begin when I can get a min. I have had many requests for specialist skincare for cancer patients product training too – I am going to be busy. I have the technology and you guys have skills that we will all find helpful in our dark and uncertain time. How about you run some online sessions using our technology? I pay for the systems needed to run virtual courses, but I am happy to share so that you don’t have to. We can also help by promoting your session to our friends.

Please get in touch if we can help you to get your courses online (the one condition is that you offer them for free). Please give us an idea of the course content and its purpose - we will endeavour to do the rest. I’m going to ask the gorgeous life coach to offer her session to you – if she agrees, you will be the first to know. Oh yeah, and we are still open, business as usual, except the team are not here L Sending light Jennifer All planned courses will be delivered online with full face to face refresher as soon as we are able to welcome you to a training centre.


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