Introducing cancer touch therapies to the Alexander Hotels collection

The Alexander Hotels collection is well known for its luxurious hotel and spa destinations, incorporating a wide variety of experiences from superb food to beautiful grounds and decadent spas. In early 2020, therapists at its flagship hotel, Alexander House Hotel and Utopia Spa, underwent Jennifer Young training to enable them to deliver safe and supportive spa treatments for anyone with or recovering from cancer.

While the pandemic has meant that the rollout of these treatments has been curtailed, being able to return to work and to launch the experiences properly is something the whole team is looking forward to. We spoke to Group Marketing Director Elliott Wakefield, about why it was important to train therapists in oncology spa treatments, and about the additional training their therapists have received during the pandemic to ensure a safe and confident return to work this summer.

“In 2020 I became aware of the Jennifer Young brand. I have plenty of people I think of who I would want to be looked after in a special way at a spa if they were going through cancer treatment, but I would want them to be treated in a way that doesn’t make them feel different. I remember working in some spas where the phone would ring, and it would be someone who had cancer asking to book a treatment and the default reaction would be ‘best not’. I found that heart breaking.

The team at our flagship hotel, Alexander House, had training with Jennifer Young and we have created a dedicated spa journey and a voucher as well. They are really excited about being able to practice the treatments when things re-open. At the end of the day, everyone has a story to do with cancer and that’s true of our therapists as well. They feel that knowing someone is going through this awful time and being able to give them that power of reprieve and relaxation is one of those moments that is really rewarding.

The team also did the Cross Infection Control course last year. As a therapist you’re in an intimate zone with your client - the door is shut, it’s physical and certainly there was a lot of anxiety about minimising risk around Covid. The course made them felt reassured that they could practice without feeling they were doing something wrong.”


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