Getting out more; massive, hairy goals

I have had a great week. I’ve visited our gorgeous clients Rudding Park Spa (sadly, work not spa-ing), gained my power boat licence (I know, even I was surprised), and not only have I taught an FHT Cancer Awareness Course.

I survived delivering an Accredited Oncology Essentials Facial qualification at a pop up venue in London (an oh so lovely pop up venue).I didn’t know I had it in me. Just to reassure, the London delegates survived too. I have decided that I need to get out more. When I am at my desk in the office, I am faced with all of the things that I haven’t done. I haven’t finalised the 2019 – 2022 plan (it changes too quickly for me to pin it down), I haven’t posted all of our latest testimonials, I haven’t written the job description for our new posts, I haven’t posted on Facebook in an age. I might owe a few people replies to their emails. Leaving the office and teaching, the theory for FHT, and the practice in London, reminded me of all of the things I have done. I have created specialist skincare for cancer patients, I have developed accredited qualifications to allow therapists and spas to work with cancer patients (I’d forgotten just how comprehensive and informative our course notes are, I impressed myself), I have spent years and years looking at the evidence to support our move to bring complementary therapies out of the clinical environment into the world of beauty and well-being and I have collected data to show the effectiveness of our products and therapies. I can hold my own in conversation with health professionals, lawyers and insurers. I could go on. I’d forgotten about the past as I tend to look to the future.

The day to day ‘to do’s’ distract. Teaching, being asked questions, meeting wonderful people and telling ‘the story’ was good for me. I should do it more often. Also this week, I have been to a talk by a motivational speaker. His advice? Set ‘great big hairy goals’ or, if you prefer, ‘massive goals’. Do not set out to be average at best. It sounds reasonable to me – do you have great big hairy goals? If you were to reflect on achievements what would surprise you? I’d love to know. NO pictures though, I feel that would be asking for trouble. Sending great, big, hairy achievements Jennifer

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