Claire: I want secondary breast cancer to be more prominent #BCAMandMe

Many people know about primary breast cancer, we hear about it regularly, especially as it is it is pushed onto our screens throughout the month of October.


Why then, have so few people, especially outside of the cancer community, never heard of secondary breast cancer (also known as metastatic, advanced or stage four breast cancer)?

Despite the fact that, on average 31 people a day die from secondary breast cancer, it is a drastically underfunded form of cancer. Currently, secondary breast cancer is incurable. Doctors can only treat the cancer, to enable patients to have the best quality of life possible.

Claire from Make2ndsCount charity, shares this message because many feel like, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the focus is on raising awareness of primary breast cancer, which often leaves secondary breast cancer side-lined.

Although all awareness is good awareness, educating more people about secondary breast cancer is vital to ensure people know the symptoms. Research can be better funded and new treatments can be found.


Read more about Make2ndsCount and the work they do to raise awareness about secondary breast cancer here.

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