Best gifts for her during cancer treatment

Knowing what to get someone as a gift is tricky at any time, but when someone is going through cancer treatment there's a double whammy to consider. We want to give loved ones something that's safe to use whilst also wanting to make them feel extra cared for and sure of the love and support around them.

Skincare is an excellent route to explore because skin can experience so many changes as a result of cancer treatment, from surgical scars to the side effects of chemotherapy. It's also a great way to bring achievable, feel-good rituals into each day, adding moments of joy and self-care easily and at a time where there can be a lot of discomfort.

If you have a woman in your life who's going through cancer treatment or recovering from it, here are some of our favourite gifts just for her.


Care for fragile nails during chemotherapy
Defiant Beauty Hand And Nail Care Kit


Best-selling hand and nail care

If you have ever had a luxury manicure, complete with a hand massage, you will know how restorative it can be to pay attention to your hands and nails. We carry a lot of tension in our hands, especially when we're stressed, and often without realising it. In addition, hands and nails can be particularly affected by chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which causes dry skin and brittle nails.

This gift set offers 100% natural and restorative care, complete with our Defiant Beauty Nail Oil, Defiant Beauty Nail Mask and Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm. They are all best-sellers in their own right, but together they help to care for nails during treatment and aid their recovery once it has stopped. They're also extremely enjoyable to use.


Give your scalp a facial
Defiant Beauty Scalp Care Collection


Nurturing yourself and your scalp

Hair loss is one of the potential side effects of chemotherapy, which can be extremely hard to come to terms with on a number of levels. For women in particular, it can affect confidence and our sense of identity, but many of the people we speak to find that nurturing and caring for their scalp, helps them to reconnect with their bodies and feel more positive. As one lady, Anne, said:

"Losing your hair can be quite emotional and this treatment worked in a psychological way for me as well as being a good product. By using the scalp balm I felt I was encouraging a clean healthy scalp and could envisaged my new hair growth every time I used it, a sort of therapeutic scalp massage."

Our Defiant Beauty Scalp Care Collection is designed to offer practical support after hair loss, nurturing the skin, helping to prevent breakouts and soothing any itchiness or sensitivity. However, it's also a refreshing, moisturising therapy that supports skin health and overall wellbeing with a combination of our Defiant Beauty Dry Scalp Treatment, Defiant Beauty Scalp Cleansing Spritz and Defiant Beauty Scalp Care Oil.


A luxury skincare experience
Face Basics Collection


A complete face care routine

One of life's great pleasures is having a complete set of gorgeous skincare products to use morning and night. The Defiant Beauty - Face Basics Collection is a complete morning and evening skincare routine - super gentle, super nourishing and super powered by 100% natural ingredients.

Designed for anyone going through cancer treatment, or with sensitive skin, it contains our Defiant Beauty Cleanse & Moisturise Balm, which can be used as a cleanser or as a face mask, our Defiant Beauty Lip Balm, Defiant Beauty Hydrating Facial Mist and our Defiant Beauty Serum. They all work in harmony with one another to combat the damage caused by chemotherapy or radiation, gently restoring a natural glow. There's a real sense with these that you're doing something good for your skin.


Spa at home
Defiant Beauty Spa Collection


Extra special skincare

A spa experience is a wonderful thing, but to have it in the comfort of your own home, whenever you want - that's very special, particularly for anyone feeling tired and drained from cancer treatment.

This luxury skincare collection for face and body offers just that, with 10 beautiful skincare products that offer head-to-toe pampering. The products all have a luxurious, nurturing feel but at the same time are formulated to proactively support skin and relieve irritation.

With treatments for face, body, hands, feet and nails, your loved one can enjoy the uplifting scent of the Defiant Beauty Mild Mint Foot Balm when feet are feeling tired, the restorative effect of the Defiant Beauty Intensive Serum, and the intensely soothing impact of the Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil, for example.


Build your own bespoke gift
Unique gifting service


Bespoke gift sets

Of course, you may want to select your own collection of skincare products for a loved one - after all, you know them best. In the knowledge that the products you're choosing are safe and restorative, we have put together gift messages chosen by other BDC gifts to deliver the message you most want to share, from 'You've got this' to 'Thinking of you', along with a choice of products, collected into a soft cotton toiletries bag and customised gift wrapping.

Is there a man in your life who's got a hospital stay coming up, who's mid chemo, or recovering post cancer-treatment, here are our top recommended gifts for men during cancer treatment?


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