Best gifts for anyone having chemotherapy

When a friend or loved one is undergoing cancer treatment our natural inclination is to want to show that we care by doing whatever we can to make them feel better. While there's no getting away from the tough aspects of chemotherapy, there are things that we can do to proactively nurture our loved ones and help them manage the side effects of chemotherapy.

As you will know if you have read our articles before, one of the challenges for anyone undergoing chemotherapy is that it causes increased sensitivity - your skin is more likely to react to products, and certain smells can add to the nausea caused by cancer treatment. Those complicating factors can make it tricky to know what to give to loved ones - after all, the last thing we want to do is make them feel worse.

Here we talk about some of the best gifts for anyone having chemotherapy, to proactively support them on their cancer journey.

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Gifts for nausea caused by chemo

Nausea and vomiting are common side effects of chemotherapy. Of course doctors help with anti nausea medication, but that's not that much fun either. There are things that can help ease the feeling of sickness and at the same time feel like indulgent, joyful parts of the day as well. For example cardamom and ginger, lavender and fennel essential oils are known for their calming properties, which is why they feature in our Vitality Bath Oil and Vitality Candle. Ginger mints are also a favourite of ours - something to have in your bag whenever you need them. They are all available to purchase separately, but we like them best as a gift set.

No More Breast Cancer Care Package


For hair loss caused by cancer treatment

Hair loss is one of the better known consequences of some types of chemotherapy. What's less known however, is that when you experience hair loss, it's also common for cancer patients to experience skin sensitivity on the scalp as well as breakouts. During a hard time, it's a nice thing to do things that nurture and care for your scalp, to make skin more comfortable, as well as supporting healthy hair follicles and regrowth once treatment ends. Our Defiant Beauty Scalp Care Collection contains a cleansing balm and spritz with gentle antibacterial ingredients that also help to hydrate the scalp, cool in case of hot flushes and prevent breakouts. It also includes our Scalp Care Oil to moisturise and nourish the skin. They all feature in our Hair Loss Cancer Care Package along with a multi-style daytime head wrap which is comfortable and comforting.

Hair Loss Cancer Care Package


For sensitive skin caused by cancer treatment

Although it affects everyone differently, around 40% of people find that their skin changes during chemotherapy. Typically that includes dry, sore, sensitive, angry, flaking, patchy or slightly discoloured skin. It also tends to react more to skincare products, so it's a question of finding skincare products that treat the problems and also don't cause reactions. Our Beauty Despite Cancer specialist skincare range for cancer patients was created with those two specific goals in mind. From skincare to nail care, each product has a specific job to do, whilst also feeling like a treat to use rather than another prescriptive formula. The whole spa collection is available as a gift offering a complete cancer-friendly skincare routine, for use during and after chemotherapy.

Defiant Beauty Spa Collection


Did you know you can also build your own bespoke gift package for your loved ones at Beauty Despite Cancer? For more gift ideas for your loved ones, or to create your own gift set, follow the link below.


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