Best gifts following a breast cancer diagnosis

Best gifts for breast cancer and breast cancer treatment can be tricky. The breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is a gruelling experience, carrying with it mental, physical and emotional challenges and changes. Helping our loved ones along that journey is about finding ways to support them in the daily rituals and experiences.

We might not be able to make a mastectomy, chemotherapy or radiotherapy any easier, but we can give small gifts that have a meaningful impact on mental and physical health, and help to ease some of the side effects of cancer treatment.

In this article we wanted to share some of our recommended gifts for breast cancer patients.

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Gifts for chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is known to cause a variety of side effects ranging from nausea to hot flashes and itchy skin. While we might not be able to make those side effects go away entirely, there are products that can ease them. Peppermint can help to soothe nausea, our Defiant Beauty Itchy Skin Oil is designed specifically for itchy skin caused by chemo, our Defiant Beauty Cool & Refresh cooling spray is perfect for hot flashes and in our Breast Cancer Chemo Care Collection it's all brought together with a self-heating, rose scented eye mask, which can help to relieve stress and anxiety.


Gifts for nausea

Nausea is a common side effect of breast cancer treatment, whether it's surgery, chemotherapy or induced by general anxiety. While some scents can make it worse, aromatherapy used the right way can be a powerful ally in easing feelings of sickness. Essential oils like cardamom and ginger, lavender and fennel are all known for their calming properties, and feature in our No More Nausea Breast Cancer Care Package. There's a Vitality Candle Therapy, Well Being Beauty Vitality Bath Oil, a Defiant Beauty Lip Balm, and a handy tin of Vermints Gingermints.


Gifts for hair loss

Breast cancer treatment often involves a type of chemotherapy that leads to hair loss. That in itself can be distressing, but knowing that you're doing things to nurture your scalp and hair follicles can help to have a sense of control and care in an otherwise uncontrollable situation. Our Hair Loss Cancer Care Package contains everything you need to look after your scalp if you experience hair loss, from our Defiant Beauty Dry Scalp Treatment, which nourishes the skin and has antibacterial properties to soothe acne, to our Defiant Beauty Scalp Cleansing Spritz to hydrate and cleanse. It also includes a Tights Daytime Headwrap, which can be worn in a number of ways, all providing warmth, security and comfort.


Gifts for hand and nail care

Breast cancer treatment can often cause hands to become extremely dry and cracked, while nails become brittle, broken or damaged. When treatment stops they will begin to recover, but there's something incredibly soothing about massaging beautiful oils in the meantime, and knowing you're doing things to aid their recovery. Our Breast Cancer Care Package - Hydration, Hand and Nail Care includes everything you need to look after hands and nails. There's a Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm, which nourishes the skin, a Defiant Beauty Nail Oil to treat the nails and nail beds, and a Jennifer Young Natural Nail Polish in a choice of colours to disguise damage and look after fragile nails.


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While doctors work on treating cancer, at Beauty Despite Cancer we focus on supporting the person behind the diagnosis. Our skincare products and carefully curated gifts are designed to ease the side effects of cancer treatment, provide joyful daily rituals and and support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.


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