Anyone want to do a good deed? Supporting cancer patients experiencing hair loss

I am back in my office. It’s been a while. It feels as though there is no UK city I left unvisited in the past week. I’ve had a lovey time but I am glad to be back. No more late nights or early mornings until next week. The dark mornings and evenings have made me realise that we are getting closer to ‘that’ day. Am I allowed to mention it? The C word; not the one that I am always mentioning; the other, more festive one. You may know that our Christmas plans usually involve 30 folk around our table – this year is different. We have decided not to host. Instead, the Family Young are going to visit an elderly friend in her ‘managed accommodation’ (this does not mean secure unit – we will be safe). I can’t wait. We get to eat our Christmas Dinner with all of the residents and their families and we don’t have to spend a week in prep and a week on clean up duties. This kind invitation landed just as I was looking for a Christmas Day volunteering opportunity – I was thinking soup kitchen or city centre food distribution. I was fully prepared to sign all 5 of us up for the day. The fam don’t know how close they came to washing up elsewhere. Do you feel like volunteering? Perhaps in 2020? We have joined forced with HeadWrappers, a gorgeous London based charity who offer support to those affected by medical hair loss. They run workshops in many of the London hospitals, showing cancer patients how to choose and style head coverings. The patients get good advice and lots of discounts and free products. Headwrappers are looking for volunteers to help out, or to run, their workshops (none are planned for Christmas Day). Please get in touch if you would like to donate some of your time. You will be given full and comprehensive training, you will make a difference and, no doubt, lots of new friends – not a bad start to 2020. Sending good deeds Jennifer Oncology Massage Manchester – 13th January 2020 London – 27th January 2020 Manchester – 10th February 2020 London – 18th February 2020 Manchester – 9th March 2020 London – 23rd March 2020 Manchester – 1st April 2020 London – 20th April 2020 Manchester – 19th May 2020 London – 26th May 2020 Face & Body Treatments London – 3rd – Tuesday 4th February 2020 Manchester – 24th – Tuesday 25th February 2020 London – 11th – 12th May 2020

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