Gift giving, skincare for cancer patients and a great big puddle – I should have known better

I really should have known better than to drive through a big puddle. In my defence, I have a 4 wheel drive, small cars were making it through the puddle and it was a puddle. Hindsight eh? Can't beat it.

My enormous 4 wheel drive stopped part way across the puddle. Middle daughter and I found ourselves in said puddle, without wellies in a car that could not be cajoled back to life. We have breakdown insurance, which would take nearly 5 hours to arrive. Given the circumstances, there isn’t much we could do. Our choices? Wait with wet feet or wait with dry. From nowhere, came a team of 3 vehicles and 6 blokes in wellies, literally from nowhere. Within minutes my tow hook was out of the boot, on the front of the car. We were pulled from the puddle and we were still dry. Back on solid ground, our rescuers checked we could keep warm and had water (we live in the country, we travel with sleeping bags and water in the car). We were issued with an invitation to use the facilities in the nearby house of one of the angel rescuers and off they went, wings, wellies and all. My dilemma, 5 hours to wait, in the dark, middle daughter needs the loo and I am her mum. I’ve spent years telling her not to speak to strangers (somewhat ironic as I do it all of the time).

It is my job to keep that girl safe, and to speak to strangers. Yeah, of course we went and asked to use the facilities. We were welcomed like friends. Our 5 hours was spent in a palatial sitting room, in front of a log fire, dog at our feet, watching Dr Who and Meet the Midwife whilst feasting on homemade cupcakes and drinking tea. It was better than being at home. There wasn’t very much I could do to repay the kindness of these wonderful strangers other than to send a parcel filled with lots therapeutic home fragrance and skincare for cancer patients (anyone can enjoy our products). There are so many ways in which I am blessed, new ways every day. The kindness of strangers has changed this car write off experience from a negative to a positive – new ways every day. Let’s hope my lovely husband is counting his blessings too.

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