What is a skincare routine? Step 4 - Moisturise

Cleanse, tone, treat and moisturise-finally, step 4, moisturise. The final stage of your skincare routine – or is it? Moisturiser is a very popular product. Everyone understands moisturiser and even if women have nothing else in their bathroom cabinet, moisturiser is bound to be there. I am not a big fan of moisturiser and we don’t have a typical moisturiser in the Defiant Beauty Collections. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that creams and lotions are very complex formulations (even the natural ones) and you have sensitive skin. The fewer ingredients your skin is exposed to – the less chance of it reacting to a product. Our Defiant Beauty Collections have an average of five ingredients – a typical cream will have at least twenty five ingredients. We use the other products as a moisturiser – the Cleanse and Moisturise does as it says, it cleanses your skin and leaves it beautifully moisturised. After a quick spritz and a drop of the Defiant Beauty Serum – your skin is unlikely to need more. If you have problem areas that you would like to target – use a drop of Defiant Beauty Intensive Serum.

Moisturising is vital – I am just not convinced that a separate product is necessary.

Here are 10 reasons to moisturise your skin. 1 Skin feels fabulous when it has a light coat of moisture 2 Cleanse and Moisturise can provide a protective layer to the skin 3 Your skin looks healthy after an application of Cleanse & Moisturise. Many clients tell us stories of how others have started complimenting them of their skin for the first time ever in their lives soon after they start using Jennifer Young skincare. 4 Our Cleanse & Moisturise is made from high quality organic vegetable oils and butters and is very good value for money. 5 The balm is massaged into the face. Massage is incredibly beneficial and is known to reduce signs of aging. 6 No self-respecting salon would provide a facial that did not include a moisturizing step. You can use your Jennifer Young products and have a home facial that is just as effective as a salon facial. 7 Moisturising can help to lessen the impact of modern day life. 8 A skincare routine is pure indulgent luxury 9 Dry skin communicates your age more effectively than we like – moisturised, hydrated skin looks instantly younger 10 Moisturising makes the skin appear plumper - in a good way

By Jennifer Young

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