Spotlight on Defiant Beauty Hospital Hydration Gift Set

Hospitals are hot and dry places, where the good, the bad and the extremely difficult take place. We’ve all been in a hospital at least once in our life and we’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say – hospitals are not where we want to spend a lot of time. When people begin their cancer treatments, the time spent in hospital increases and often extends beyond a few days at a time.

Our Hospital Hydration Gift Set contains some ultra-moisturising products to help to keep your skin feeling wonderful, specially formulated to treat dry hands, skin and chapped lips experienced after prolonged stays in hospital. It can be a great gift for someone staying in hospital, to help them to feel a little more comfortable and less hospital-drained.

Our journey began in our local hospital, University Hospital North Staffs, where Jennifer was invited to a chemo ward to speak directly to patients undergoing cancer treatments. The hospital had recently opened a new Cancer Centre and had included a beauty salon on the chemo ward. The beauty team there were looking for, and failing to find, a skincare range that suited their requirements. The Nursing team had some very strict ingredients criteria and none of the brands that they had asked could meet the criteria, or “The Rules’ as we now call them.

When people go through treatment for cancer, their skin and nails can be affected. Skin becomes dry, sore, sensitive, itchy, and flaking, and nails can split, break, or drop off. We set out to provide products that would combat these issues and help patients to feel like themselves. 


What issues can it help to tackle?

Dry and cracked lips

Hospital air conditioning can be very drying and harsh for your skin. To combat the pain and annoyance of chapped and cracked lips, a hydrating Defiant Beauty Lip Balm can be an essential item to keep with you during hospital visits. Apply regularly throughout the day, during and after chemotherapy. Suitable for Vegetarians, contains beeswax.

Hot flashes and night sweats

The set also comes with a Defiant Beauty Cool & Refresh cooling spray to provide quick refreshing boost in a few sprays, useful for those going through cancer treatments who might be experiencing heat flashes and night sweats. It will leave a gentle fragrance of Neroli and Frankincense to lift the mood and promote relaxation. Spray liberally over face, scalp and body as required as part of daily cleanse routine. Vegetarian and Vegan friendly.

Sore and dry skin

Some chemotherapy drugs can cause the skin on your hands to become red, sore and peel away. Our divine Healing Hand Balm restores tired looking hands by intensely moisturising skin, and is packed with lots of beneficial ingredients.

We know that patients suffer with skin-related side effects of chemotherapy and this gift set contains products often bought by well-wishers as a gift which can be used on dry, sensitive skin. Warm a pea sized amount in the hands and apply generously to the hands. Suitable for Vegetarians, contains beeswax.

Here are some of the amazing results after using Defiant Beauty Healing Hand Balm:



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